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March Comes In Like a Lion

We may be a few days from the beginning of March, but I saw a weather forecast last night that confirms my suspicions that Western New York may be in for at least one more big storm. Since the Ice Storm of 1991 in Rochester, there has been a series of large snowstorms sometime in between the period of March 1st and 14th. It was almost without fail that a foot of snow would get dumped in a short time period, causing schools across the area to close. I’m mostly speaking about Rochester in this case. So when I hear that a large storm system is in the midwest that could come our way and could drop snow over a large area, since it wouldn’t be dependent on the Lake Effect machine, it makes me grin. I’ll have to do some more research on this since this system is apparently behaving with great uncertainty.

Speaking of the Ice Storm

It occurred to me this morning that the Ice Storm of 1991 happened 11 years ago to the day this Sunday. My parents and I actually dr…
Super-Imuno Girl

I decided, that aside from the occasional mind-splitting headache, that I must have an incredibly strong immune system. Just about everyone I work with has gotten some sort of nasty bug (some more than once) over the past few months. The type of bug that leaves you hanging over a toilet for several reasons. Ahem. I actually only got sick like that once in my recent memory. That time it was either food poisoning or an allergic reaction to medication I was taking. I still don’t know which, but when you consider the quality of food at Buffalo State College, I’m apt to think it was the food.

I don’t think I’ve ever taken a sick day from work at any of my jobs. Oh wait, there was that one time I decided to sleep in due to exhaustion and had to let my “charges” know I wouldn’t be picking them up in the shuttle bus. That was at B-W.

More Heavenly Creatures Info

Ever hear of the mystery author Anne Perry? She’s written a fair number of books. At least two a year fro…
Heavenly Creatures

An article in USA Weekend about Kate Winslet prompted me to find out more information on the movie Heavenly Creatures. There is a very good site detailing how the movie compares with the real life events. I was fascinated for an hour as I looked through the details. I originally saw this movie on New Year’s day in 1995 with Sean. We both left the movie sort of stunned and washed out. The ending was so horrific even though it supposedly wasn’t as gory as past Peter Jackson films. It’s even more awful that this was something that actually happened in 1954. Despite awfulness of fact, I highly recommend renting this film on video as it has not yet come out on DVD.
Excitement on a Sunday Afternoon

You start to realize how small a town is by how many people turn out to watch a building on fire. Matt and I were in Warren yesterday to look at cars for Matt. We saw smoke coming from a slightly industrial area of the city and decided to go take a peek. I can’t tell you how many people had driven as close as they could, parked, and then walked over to watch the firefighters battle the flames coming out of this building. I was mostly curious from a news standpoint. I guess I’ll never lose that innate curiosity and drive to get the facts so I can report out later.


I just deleted a whole paragraph involving me grousing about work and some issues I’m sick of putting up with there. Not that it wasn’t in good taste. I just figured you wouldn’t care.

Vacation is Scheduled

I have scheduled my week off from work. It isn’t until April, but that’s ok at the moment. Matt and I are considering going to Washington D.C. I just need to verify that …
I Nearly Forgot!!

Dar Williams has a live album out. I had no clue about this. I'm listening to it right now. I wish they had included more of her little stories she tells about songs. Like a "Storytellers" kind of live disc. That's why I love Dar live. She's just so natural on stage and has this great sense of humour. And I think the sound quality on the cd is pretty good too.
Yo Yo Yooo YoYo YoYo

Oh man. I finally broke down and bought the two Basement Jaxx albums I've been secretly wanting for awhile. Matt F. would totally understand. We're both nuts about "Red Alert" and I also just adore "Romeo." I wish we had a decent night club around here that played real dance music.

Two Drunk Guys Talking About Crap

Matt and Richard are dreaming up this show to broadcast on the Internet. The title above is what it would be called. I'm looking forward to this. They actually have some good ideas of how to do it and topics etc. The Internet is cool for stuff like this. We must be bored! I'll let you know when it gets off the ground and provide a link for it then. To quote Matt, "What better way to spend an evening than cracking open a nice cold one and listening to us talk about crap." To quote Richard, "Yeah.. what he said. Actually, we should do a drinking game on the show.. like.. ok, you got your opin…
Some Wine with Your Cheese

I got to experience chatting on-line with a slightly tipsy Matt last night. I’ve rarely been on that side of coin. Usually, it’s me being a little silly and drunk. So I had to grin a little while I watched Matt mis-type words and frequently having to apologize for mistakes. I’m not saying it was bad of him to be tipsy. I would be too after a wine tasting like he went to.

My favourite recollection of being intoxicated on-line would be my 21st birthday. I was stuck at Buffalo State College because my boyfriend had to work late and there was no point in me going home to visit him. I also had class. I decided to skip it and go have a glass of wine at the College Coffee shop. Once the servers at the coffee shop realized I was of legal drinking age for the first time, they refused to charge me for the wine. They also made me do a tequila shooter with them. I rather enjoyed that as made apparent by the perma-grin that spread across my face for the next co…
And the New Yawker Gets the Gold

I stayed up last night to watch the only part that really interests me when it comes to the Olympics: Women’s Figure Skating. I’ve been following figure skating on a mild basis for quite awhile. You might be surprised that I wasn’t exactly rooting for Michelle Kwan. Not that I have anything against her, but after seeing Sarah Hughes’ performance, you knew nothing could top that. I even got a little choked up at how good it was. Plus, you have to root for the girl from Long Neck (Long Island).

It’s Girl Scout Cookie Time!

For some odd reason, Western New York (excluding Rochester and the Genesee Valley region) sends its precious little Girl Scouts out in the frigid winter weather of January to sell cookies. I think it must be part of the “toughening” process. Perhaps there some secret ritual involved in making small girls freeze in order to become real Girl Scouts in this region. All I know is that I got off easy when I was in Girl Scouts. Our co…
A Big Thank You To The People

I must give a big thank you to those who sent me email yesterday (or today) regarding yesterday's blog. It was very cool of you all. And now I have a possible solution to getting those blood spots off the knee of my khakis. Rock on! I am doing much better. Good enough, in fact, to give you the Jaime Sale thumbs up. If you didn't see the picture in the paper last week, you won't know what the frick I'm talking about.

What the World Needs Now (is a new Frank Sinatra)

I want a new Frank Sinatra. I mean, we did have Harry Connick Jr. for awhile, but nothing beats hearing Frank do "I've Got You Under My Skin." Yeah baby! I have a small selection of memories involving riding around in a bad ass town car or something like that with a group of friends, blaring Frank, singing loudly, and the guys generally trying to come off like members of the Rat Pack. Mind you, I'm not a huge Frank fan. I don't even have any of his…
Floating Thoughts

It’s difficult once you go through something like what happened yesterday to me to really let it go. I know I should be moving on and not wasting my time and worry thinking about it, but besides these song keep floating around in my head. Some have nothing to do with the situation and some don’t even accurately reflect what happened. I may have to buy Alanis Morissette’s new album if only for “Hands Clean.” Sure I’ll get sick of the song after they overplay it on the radio these next few months, but right now I think I like it.

Ooh this could be messy
But you don't seem to mind
Ooh don't go telling everybody
And overlook this supposed crime

We'll fast forward to a few years later
And no one knows except the both of us
And I have honored your request for silence
And you've washed your hands clean of this

Has this ever happened to anyone else that reads this blog? Email me if you have, or if you have general comments. Oh, and yes, I am moving on. …
A Note For People Who Have Friends

Yesterday I lost a friend. I didn't lose him through some catastrophic event or some angry fight. I lost him to his girlfriend. Now, understanding that I only know his side of the story, apparently my former friend's girlfriend had a hard time dealing with women in his life. A sign of great insecurity on her part. After a couple of years of this going on and the issue being shoved back in the closet, it came out again when I decided to call my friend to say hello two days ago. The girlfriend was over at the time and much discussion ensued over why I was calling him I guess. That prompted the former-friend to send an email that included this bit:

"It's just not working for me to be trying to create a relationship with (girlfriend's name) and to be having you as a friend... I need
to stop our communication. There's nothing wrong with you or bad about you so please don't get that impression. The person you are has noth…
Tail End of a Long Weekend

I'm absolutely drained at the moment. Matt and I spent the weekend in Cleveland visiting my friend Heidi and her boyfriend, Kevin. We had a good time, but are both pretty tired now.

Cool Thing #1: We finally went to the Westside Market on the corner of West 25th and Lorain Street in Cleveland. If you're into public markets and re-use of historical buildings, this would be right up your alley. I believe the building used to be a bathhouse way back in the day. It fell into disrepair for quite awhile until some people came along and restored it. Now you can buy fresh produce (excellent prices), all kinds of fresh cut meats, incredible bakery & pastry items, and other goodies. I had a huge smile on my face as we walked up and down the isles. The energy was very positive in the place. My purchase consisted of a sesame & honey bar and a bar of Lindt milk chocolate from the Mediterranean store. Heidi bought seven limes for a dollar so we co…
70’s Rock Instrumentals, Baby!

I grew up near an amusement park, Seabreeze, that had a ride called the Gyrosphere, which was really the “scramber” under a dome. First you had to wait in this weird, five sided room (not an octagon.. a.. oh hell) until the ride operator let you into the ride area. When the ride started, the lights went off and this blaring rock music would come on with freaky pictures appearing on the sides of the tent dome. It was pretty scary for a young kid who didn’t know what to expect. The music really set the mood. I found out today that it was the song “Fire On High” by The Electric Light Orchestra. I think now they play “Twilight Zone” by 2Unlimited, unless something has changed.

Now, I had heard “Fire On High” on the radio before, but I never knew who it was by. My first memory of hearing it on the radio was on the way home from a Girl Scout meeting (Yes, I was a Girl Scout for 10 years thank you very much). My friend, Anne, was in the backseat with me …
Happy Valentine's Day

No exclamation point. Don't want to upset the singletons *grins*

Anyway, I searched high and low for one little note that Anne wrote to me back in high school (probably freshman year) that detailed exactly what Valentine's day was like for us for most of our teenage years. I didn't find it. More or less it basically said something to the effect of: "Woo! Sucky Valentine's Day! Another day, sitting in homeroom.. watching everyone get carnations.. people playing kissy-face.. wondering why!! why!! why!.. but, you will survive. This is a learning experience. (hah!)..." Well, something like that. I believe the Meryn Cadell line at the end was in there somewhere. I'll have to keep looking.

Oh.. and YES.. I am a pack-rat. However, I only save meaningful things.. like notes I got from friends all the way back in junior high. If you ever sent me a letter/postcard/note chances are good that I still have it in a box somewhere …

I swung up out of my blah mood. Actually, it was more of a depressed and stressed mood. I found out about some changes in our office yesterday that are good (so far). The only bad part that I know of so far is that I will moved out of my office to the “common office area” so someone else can move in. I’m pouting about that a little since I liked having an office. That private space. The view. Oh well. I have many more years to acquire my own office again.

Across the Miles

Last night I got to talk with one of my friends who went into the Army last May. I truly thought she had dropped off the earth until I received an email from her a couple weeks ago. It was good to talk to her. I heartily suggest calling a friend you haven’t spoke to in awhile, whether it’s due to being busy or sheer laziness when it comes to email. It definitely put me in a better mood.

Are you in the Dido Demographic

All right, so I shamelessly stole this from Meg but it’s not the usual kind of…
More Mardi Gras

I forgot to clarify why "More Gay Music" summed up this year's party. Imagine a group of 5 semi-drunken individuals standing around a living room, dancing to Erasure, and at the end of each song yelling "More Gay Music!" There you go.
Mardi Gras Madness

I think this year's Mardi Gras can be summed up in three words: "More Gay Music!!"

The party was awesome. Different atmosphere from last year, but that was ok. I think people were a little more relaxed or loose or something. Still no nudity (aside from two girls going into Matt's bedroom to flash each other), but that's not such a bad thing. The chicken gumbo was ohhhh sooo good! My body felt like it was on fire from the spices. That's a good thing.

I think the highlight of the evening for me was dancing with Mike N., Mike Z, Aaron S. and Abby. Abby was the DJ du jour and was doing a damn good job of it! The crowning moment is when "Shiny, Happy People" by REM came on and we all attempted to hold hands and dance in a circle. This was stopped by several people falling over, but then we got our balance back and swirled around in a dizzying fashion. I hadn't laughed that hard in awhile. Of course there was alcohol at pl…
Ok, she is hot. I got a haircut today. So I'm feeling hot. Even though temperature-wise I want a sweater. But I'm feeling spiffy! Wait 'til ya' see me! Of course I'm expecting the "Did you even do something different? I can't even tell." You know how it is.
Shoot that Poison Arrow..

I’ve got the above song by ABC in my head. 80’s keyboard and all. “Who broke my heart? You did. You did…” *heh* The first time I really heard that song, or at least heard it and knew who it was by was back in February 1998. A friend of mine had put it on a mix cd he made for me. There were all these songs that involved heartbreak, love and whatnot and he tried to tell me that it was coincidence and there were not any hidden messages in there. Um. Sure. Like I believed that for a moment. I think he was just trying to save me any undue stress since I was in a relationship at the time. Aside from that, there were some really cool songs on the cds (there were 2) and it was cool to get a mix cd as opposed to a tape since tapes don’t last forever.

Anyway, the song got into my head because I had seen a reference to an album by ABC on and then the announcement of the release Lexicon of Love on my yahoo. *hums to self*
Don't Forget The Hired Actors

Matt corrected me on what would have happened had the actual engagement and eventual wedding ever took place:

"Julia, Aaron was going to direct the wedding (including hiring actors to play us so the pictures would look good) and play the voice of God (who would deliver the vows). The solid gold dancers were for the reception. I'm tellin' ya babe, you missed out."

I laughed hysterically at the memory. Really. Those were good times. *grins* It's good to have friends!!

Anyway, I'm all hyped for tomorrow's Mardi Gras party. I just need to get out of town for a little bit. Actually. I just need a vacation. BADLY.


I went to this site and did their little quiz/test thing. I was very surprised by the outcome. Mostly by how accurate it is. It really represents how I've been feeling the past several weeks/month. I've pasted the outcome here:

"You are tending to pursue your objectives with concentrated intensity and it would seem that whatever obstacles may come into your path - you will stick to your guns and will not allow yourself to be deflected from your purpose. You are striving to achieve recognition and what is more - you deserve it

You are a very warm and emotional individual but unfortunately in the past too many people have taken advantage of this sensitive trait. You need aesthetic surroundings, or an equally sensitive and understanding partner with whom to share a warm understanding.

You are feeling under considerable pressure and you are being forced to make concessions. You are not particularly happy with this state of affairs but you feel that you have no …
So You Wanted to Be a Rock Star..

I don't know where that came from! Well, doing a lot of contemplating lately. Might have some more updates on that in a few days or weeks. Might involve major life stuff. Yup. I usually don't believe in coincidences, but this just screams "Hello!!"

Sleep, Sleep, Sleep

I hear I've gotten mixed reactions to making Matt sleep in the guest bedroom. Believe me, I just needed one good night of sleep. Life has been stressful lately and Matt being sick makes him snore more. So he says. *grins* Anywho, things are back to normal. I got my one night of good sleep. Matt still isn't feeling up to par, but I know I'll get at least one other night of good sleep when we go to Rochester. Oh yeah. No musical craziness on Saturday. Glenn is going to be a no-show at Mardi Gras. *weeps* He promises pyrotechnics and perhaps chimpanzees playing bongos when he finally does make it to Mardi Gras. This makes me laugh hysterically s…
Don’t Let the Sun Deceive You

It’s a sunny, bright day outside. There’s a few clouds in the sky and seems like it will just be a bright, cold day. How deceiving it is. We’re supposed to get more snow late this afternoon and evening. This will be accompanied by wind. I don’t plan on going up to Buffalo for Jack’s wake any more due to this impending line of storms.

No Sleep for Dreaming

I didn’t sleep well last night. Well, I was sleeping well until about 5AM. This is when Matt’s snoring really kicked in. It’s loud and never-ending. That’s all I can say. I get terribly frustrated with it and no matter how many times I give him a good shove, it doesn’t seem to matter. I told him he had to sleep in the guest bedroom tonight so I could get at least one night of good rest. He asked me why I couldn’t sleep in there and I told him, “It’s your bed in there. My bed is in our bedroom. You can go sleep in the guest bedroom since you’re the one that snores.” Am I being too harsh?

Quite a Doozy

Well, County Government is under an inclement weather policy due to all this snow and wind. This means, if the weather sucks you can go home early but it’s going to either come out of your vacation, personal, or comp time. Something like that. If the weather bites ass and they close down County Government, it doesn’t affect your pay at all. I’m hanging around because the weather isn’t that bad in Jamestown, so I really don’t have an excuse to leave early other than to get out of the badness here in Mayville.

A Wake Tomorrow

Assuming the weather clears, I will be going to a wake tomorrow in Buffalo for my Aunt Ginny’s dad. Jack died Saturday sometime following complications and whatnot with his heart. We knew he was going to die, but we didn’t know when. I’m concerned for my Aunt Ginny and her mom, Connie. Both tend to become basket cases when stuff like this happens. My dad mentioned that the doctors should prescribe them some sort of sedative or something to calm…
White and Wooly

We've got quite a snowstorm going on outside. When I went to bed last night there was hardly any snow on the ground. This morning there was at least 2 inches. I suppose about 4 more has fallen if not more since then. Good news for the snow lovers. Me.. I was happy without. However, if we're going to get snow, we may as well get a hell of a lot of it and all at once. You have to appreciate a good storm *nods*

Upcoming Festivities

Ok, so this coming weekend is still far away, but not so far away that I can't begin looking forward to it. Matt B. is holding his annual Mardi Gras party. Much wackiness and fun is involved in these shindigs. The first one featured a quickly thrown together band called The Hunky Dories (made up of Matt's brothers Paul & Glenn, Glenn's roommates Nate and John, me, and honorary bandmate Kristen). We actually practiced some songs together earlier in the day so as not to make complete fools of ourselves. There was…
Victory for the Patriots

As a general rule, I don't get overly excited by sports. Especially football. The only reason I watch even parts of the Superbowl would be for the commercials and for the half time show. It was definately worth seeing U2 perform "Beautiful Day" and "Where the Streets Have No Names." Plus, it was cool to see Paul McCartney get in on the commentary. Too bad Terry Bradshaw messed up on the "Hard Days Night' singalong. We'll forgive him. But it was pretty cool to see the Patriots win. It's nice for the underdog to get it occassionally. Oh yeah, and my favourite commercial would be the new take on the "How ya' doin'" Budwieser ad. That saying is a bit of an inside joke around here just because Matt's boss says it all the time.. and it's a natural thing. Good times.
Eight Hours Later..

Ok.. I'm still awake. Yeah, after waking up at midnight, Matt and I decided to just stay up. At 5am he said, "Wanna get breakfast?" I said, "Sure, but let's wait until 8:30 so we can eat with 'the boys.' Let's clean the house and then take a shower until then." Sounds crazy, but that's what we did. Matt is about to take his shower so I decided to do my little update. I'm also starved. What I mean by "the boys" is the group of Democrats that's a faction of the old boys network around town. They're in their 70s and 80s (some younger ones do drop in). I hope I'm mentally up to some political dialogue after so little sleep!

Celebrity Look-Alikes

I'm watching the new video by Lifehouse for their song "Breathing." The lead singer has the same haircut my friend Sean had when we were seniors in high school. Sean was stylin' even before he knew it! *heh* Oh geez.. end of this…
Admist the Vapidness.. There is Music

Would you believe that MTV really does play music videos? Oh yeah, you have to wait until 1am or something to see them, but it's worth it. The only reason this is happening tonight (this morning) is Matt and I fell asleep after eating dinner. At 7pm. It was unintentional. We were talking and snuggling a little and then BAM. Sleep. I woke up after midnight and decided it was a good time to check my email. Matt is downstairs watching Scary Movie 2.

Hey, I tried downloading Audio Galaxy or something or another. If you have this program and have gotten it to download correctly or whatever.. email me. I tried to find a place to contact the administrators of the page, but I was remotely unsuccessful and didn't want to put that much effort into it. Believe me, if I could find an mp3 download site that didn't cost money, was easy to use, and etc. I would be set!
Unruly Child Tosses Her Hair

That’s how I would describe the trees outside this morning. The wind has become fierce since I arrived at work. The lights flicker every so often, threatening to shut off momentarily before the generator kicks in. I’d rather be home today. Alas, I’m here where I’m guaranteed electricity and a parking spot where my car should not be damaged by falling branches, wires or other wind-prone objects. I hear the suburbs of Buffalo got a walloping of ice yesterday. Power lines down in many areas. It rained all night in Jamestown. Makes me glad I live on a hill.

The Old Religion

I insisted on staying up until nearly 2 A.M. in order to finish reading The Ghost of Hannah Mendes. I tried to find parallels to my own life and heritage in it. I wasn’t overly successful. It’s a great read though. It reinforced my need to go abroad to find out more about my roots. The trouble is I have no idea where to start. Part of me says I should start simple and track my r…