Sunday, February 03, 2002

Victory for the Patriots

As a general rule, I don't get overly excited by sports. Especially football. The only reason I watch even parts of the Superbowl would be for the commercials and for the half time show. It was definately worth seeing U2 perform "Beautiful Day" and "Where the Streets Have No Names." Plus, it was cool to see Paul McCartney get in on the commentary. Too bad Terry Bradshaw messed up on the "Hard Days Night' singalong. We'll forgive him. But it was pretty cool to see the Patriots win. It's nice for the underdog to get it occassionally. Oh yeah, and my favourite commercial would be the new take on the "How ya' doin'" Budwieser ad. That saying is a bit of an inside joke around here just because Matt's boss says it all the time.. and it's a natural thing. Good times.

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