Thursday, February 14, 2002

Happy Valentine's Day

No exclamation point. Don't want to upset the singletons *grins*

Anyway, I searched high and low for one little note that Anne wrote to me back in high school (probably freshman year) that detailed exactly what Valentine's day was like for us for most of our teenage years. I didn't find it. More or less it basically said something to the effect of: "Woo! Sucky Valentine's Day! Another day, sitting in homeroom.. watching everyone get carnations.. people playing kissy-face.. wondering why!! why!! why!.. but, you will survive. This is a learning experience. (hah!)..." Well, something like that. I believe the Meryn Cadell line at the end was in there somewhere. I'll have to keep looking.

Oh.. and YES.. I am a pack-rat. However, I only save meaningful things.. like notes I got from friends all the way back in junior high. If you ever sent me a letter/postcard/note chances are good that I still have it in a box somewhere (yes, that includes you!). I haven't figured out how to archive e-mails that well yet. I do have a binder filled with emails from my sophomore year in college. I wish I had saved more. Sounds crazy but I can't help it! *heh*

Other Valentine Stuff

Matt and I are waiting to "celebrate" until we get home from work. Mostly because neither of us is much fun in the morning. He supposedly got me something. I can already tell you it's not something to adorn my left hand so stop grinning like a fool! I'm big on cards, so I have a very special card for him that I found at my favourite Hallmark store. I also have a small something else, but nothing really exciting.

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