Sunday, February 24, 2002

Yo Yo Yooo YoYo YoYo

Oh man. I finally broke down and bought the two Basement Jaxx albums I've been secretly wanting for awhile. Matt F. would totally understand. We're both nuts about "Red Alert" and I also just adore "Romeo." I wish we had a decent night club around here that played real dance music.

Two Drunk Guys Talking About Crap

Matt and Richard are dreaming up this show to broadcast on the Internet. The title above is what it would be called. I'm looking forward to this. They actually have some good ideas of how to do it and topics etc. The Internet is cool for stuff like this. We must be bored! I'll let you know when it gets off the ground and provide a link for it then. To quote Matt, "What better way to spend an evening than cracking open a nice cold one and listening to us talk about crap." To quote Richard, "Yeah.. what he said. Actually, we should do a drinking game on the show.. like.. ok, you got your opinion wrong.. DRINK!" Oh Geezus.

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