Saturday, February 02, 2002

Eight Hours Later..

Ok.. I'm still awake. Yeah, after waking up at midnight, Matt and I decided to just stay up. At 5am he said, "Wanna get breakfast?" I said, "Sure, but let's wait until 8:30 so we can eat with 'the boys.' Let's clean the house and then take a shower until then." Sounds crazy, but that's what we did. Matt is about to take his shower so I decided to do my little update. I'm also starved. What I mean by "the boys" is the group of Democrats that's a faction of the old boys network around town. They're in their 70s and 80s (some younger ones do drop in). I hope I'm mentally up to some political dialogue after so little sleep!

Celebrity Look-Alikes

I'm watching the new video by Lifehouse for their song "Breathing." The lead singer has the same haircut my friend Sean had when we were seniors in high school. Sean was stylin' even before he knew it! *heh* Oh geez.. end of this conversation. The Daryll Hall & John Oates Behind The Music just came on. I'm there!

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