Tuesday, February 26, 2002

Super-Imuno Girl

I decided, that aside from the occasional mind-splitting headache, that I must have an incredibly strong immune system. Just about everyone I work with has gotten some sort of nasty bug (some more than once) over the past few months. The type of bug that leaves you hanging over a toilet for several reasons. Ahem. I actually only got sick like that once in my recent memory. That time it was either food poisoning or an allergic reaction to medication I was taking. I still don’t know which, but when you consider the quality of food at Buffalo State College, I’m apt to think it was the food.

I don’t think I’ve ever taken a sick day from work at any of my jobs. Oh wait, there was that one time I decided to sleep in due to exhaustion and had to let my “charges” know I wouldn’t be picking them up in the shuttle bus. That was at B-W.

More Heavenly Creatures Info

Ever hear of the mystery author Anne Perry? She’s written a fair number of books. At least two a year from what I understand. I found out last night that Anne Perry was known as Juliet Hulme when she was a teenager. The same Juliet that helped kill her best friend’s mother. I think it’s rather appropriate that she writes murder mysteries now. Matt think I’m now obsessed with this movie, but I just happened to find the facts and stories around it so interesting. Most murderers vanish into obscurity or wither away in prison. This one is famous and free. She has confessed to the media about being Juliet, so it’s not just some story.

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