Wednesday, February 13, 2002


I swung up out of my blah mood. Actually, it was more of a depressed and stressed mood. I found out about some changes in our office yesterday that are good (so far). The only bad part that I know of so far is that I will moved out of my office to the “common office area” so someone else can move in. I’m pouting about that a little since I liked having an office. That private space. The view. Oh well. I have many more years to acquire my own office again.

Across the Miles

Last night I got to talk with one of my friends who went into the Army last May. I truly thought she had dropped off the earth until I received an email from her a couple weeks ago. It was good to talk to her. I heartily suggest calling a friend you haven’t spoke to in awhile, whether it’s due to being busy or sheer laziness when it comes to email. It definitely put me in a better mood.

Are you in the Dido Demographic

All right, so I shamelessly stole this from Meg but it’s not the usual kind of quiz. In fact, I’d say it was a more of a study of your music tastes.. but not really. Go see if you’re part of the Dido Demographic. I scored a 9. So that’s not bad. Plus, I can justify it all by the fact that I almost compulsively buy CD’s. AND, I would own The Verve album listed in the article, but only for the song “Sonnet.”

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