Wednesday, February 20, 2002

Floating Thoughts

It’s difficult once you go through something like what happened yesterday to me to really let it go. I know I should be moving on and not wasting my time and worry thinking about it, but besides these song keep floating around in my head. Some have nothing to do with the situation and some don’t even accurately reflect what happened. I may have to buy Alanis Morissette’s new album if only for “Hands Clean.” Sure I’ll get sick of the song after they overplay it on the radio these next few months, but right now I think I like it.

Ooh this could be messy
But you don't seem to mind
Ooh don't go telling everybody
And overlook this supposed crime

We'll fast forward to a few years later
And no one knows except the both of us
And I have honored your request for silence
And you've washed your hands clean of this

Has this ever happened to anyone else that reads this blog? Email me if you have, or if you have general comments. Oh, and yes, I am moving on. Sometimes I just like to get some last thoughts on the situation out of my head.

Now For Something Completely Different

This week is jam packed with stuff. Lots of stuff. I think I’m on a press release writing marathon. However, I’m not feeling as stressed as I was yesterday. That’s a good thing considering I’ve been up and down energy-wise for the past month.

New Khaki’s

On a very small note: I need new khakis. Seems I nicked myself while shaving my legs this morning. I didn’t notice until I saw a very small spot on the knee of the khakis I’m wearing today. Hm. What’s that? Oh, blood. Time to go shopping.

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