Wednesday, February 06, 2002

So You Wanted to Be a Rock Star..

I don't know where that came from! Well, doing a lot of contemplating lately. Might have some more updates on that in a few days or weeks. Might involve major life stuff. Yup. I usually don't believe in coincidences, but this just screams "Hello!!"

Sleep, Sleep, Sleep

I hear I've gotten mixed reactions to making Matt sleep in the guest bedroom. Believe me, I just needed one good night of sleep. Life has been stressful lately and Matt being sick makes him snore more. So he says. *grins* Anywho, things are back to normal. I got my one night of good sleep. Matt still isn't feeling up to par, but I know I'll get at least one other night of good sleep when we go to Rochester. Oh yeah. No musical craziness on Saturday. Glenn is going to be a no-show at Mardi Gras. *weeps* He promises pyrotechnics and perhaps chimpanzees playing bongos when he finally does make it to Mardi Gras. This makes me laugh hysterically since Matt B. always threatened that he would have Glenn dress up in a gorilla costume if Matt ever decided to make that next big step in our relationship. Of course he also said that he would get Aaron to arrange to have the Solid Gold dancers perform at our wedding ceremony too. I love my friends!! (I'll make it up to you Matt for relaying that story *grins*)

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