Monday, February 04, 2002

Quite a Doozy

Well, County Government is under an inclement weather policy due to all this snow and wind. This means, if the weather sucks you can go home early but it’s going to either come out of your vacation, personal, or comp time. Something like that. If the weather bites ass and they close down County Government, it doesn’t affect your pay at all. I’m hanging around because the weather isn’t that bad in Jamestown, so I really don’t have an excuse to leave early other than to get out of the badness here in Mayville.

A Wake Tomorrow

Assuming the weather clears, I will be going to a wake tomorrow in Buffalo for my Aunt Ginny’s dad. Jack died Saturday sometime following complications and whatnot with his heart. We knew he was going to die, but we didn’t know when. I’m concerned for my Aunt Ginny and her mom, Connie. Both tend to become basket cases when stuff like this happens. My dad mentioned that the doctors should prescribe them some sort of sedative or something to calm them down. I think I actually agree with that. We’ll see how the weather does and whether it’s worth risking the drive there. If it doesn’t clear, a card will be in order.

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