Thursday, February 21, 2002

A Big Thank You To The People

I must give a big thank you to those who sent me email yesterday (or today) regarding yesterday's blog. It was very cool of you all. And now I have a possible solution to getting those blood spots off the knee of my khakis. Rock on! I am doing much better. Good enough, in fact, to give you the Jaime Sale thumbs up. If you didn't see the picture in the paper last week, you won't know what the frick I'm talking about.

What the World Needs Now (is a new Frank Sinatra)

I want a new Frank Sinatra. I mean, we did have Harry Connick Jr. for awhile, but nothing beats hearing Frank do "I've Got You Under My Skin." Yeah baby! I have a small selection of memories involving riding around in a bad ass town car or something like that with a group of friends, blaring Frank, singing loudly, and the guys generally trying to come off like members of the Rat Pack. Mind you, I'm not a huge Frank fan. I don't even have any of his discs (ok, ok.. albums).

I do have to admit to some guilty pleasures. I have this very secret liking of bad pop music. Well, not all of it was horrible. Sure Debbie Gibson (before she became Deborah) was bubble-gum pop, but she wrote her own stuff and I challenge any other 16 year old to be that creative. This is where Matt H. starts groaning and rolling his eyes. Hey, I know people that consider themselves high on the music echelon in taste that used to think Debbie Gibson was the bomb (and even met her), so I don't even want to hear it *grins* I'm bringing this up only because I found myself singing along with some older N*Sync tune this morning, "It's tearing up my heart when I'm with you...And no matter what I do I feel the pain.. with or without you.." So I don't know all the words. It's damn catchy though. I think moving to Jamestown totally destroyed my immunity to pop music. I used to be a solid WBER freak and anything that resembled pop was the work of the devil. And so it goes...

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