Friday, February 08, 2002

Shoot that Poison Arrow..

I’ve got the above song by ABC in my head. 80’s keyboard and all. “Who broke my heart? You did. You did…” *heh* The first time I really heard that song, or at least heard it and knew who it was by was back in February 1998. A friend of mine had put it on a mix cd he made for me. There were all these songs that involved heartbreak, love and whatnot and he tried to tell me that it was coincidence and there were not any hidden messages in there. Um. Sure. Like I believed that for a moment. I think he was just trying to save me any undue stress since I was in a relationship at the time. Aside from that, there were some really cool songs on the cds (there were 2) and it was cool to get a mix cd as opposed to a tape since tapes don’t last forever.

Anyway, the song got into my head because I had seen a reference to an album by ABC on and then the announcement of the release Lexicon of Love on my yahoo. *hums to self*

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