Monday, February 25, 2002

Excitement on a Sunday Afternoon

You start to realize how small a town is by how many people turn out to watch a building on fire. Matt and I were in Warren yesterday to look at cars for Matt. We saw smoke coming from a slightly industrial area of the city and decided to go take a peek. I can’t tell you how many people had driven as close as they could, parked, and then walked over to watch the firefighters battle the flames coming out of this building. I was mostly curious from a news standpoint. I guess I’ll never lose that innate curiosity and drive to get the facts so I can report out later.


I just deleted a whole paragraph involving me grousing about work and some issues I’m sick of putting up with there. Not that it wasn’t in good taste. I just figured you wouldn’t care.

Vacation is Scheduled

I have scheduled my week off from work. It isn’t until April, but that’s ok at the moment. Matt and I are considering going to Washington D.C. I just need to verify that our friends will be there when we visit. Fun times! I can’t wait!

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