Friday, February 22, 2002

Some Wine with Your Cheese

I got to experience chatting on-line with a slightly tipsy Matt last night. I’ve rarely been on that side of coin. Usually, it’s me being a little silly and drunk. So I had to grin a little while I watched Matt mis-type words and frequently having to apologize for mistakes. I’m not saying it was bad of him to be tipsy. I would be too after a wine tasting like he went to.

My favourite recollection of being intoxicated on-line would be my 21st birthday. I was stuck at Buffalo State College because my boyfriend had to work late and there was no point in me going home to visit him. I also had class. I decided to skip it and go have a glass of wine at the College Coffee shop. Once the servers at the coffee shop realized I was of legal drinking age for the first time, they refused to charge me for the wine. They also made me do a tequila shooter with them. I rather enjoyed that as made apparent by the perma-grin that spread across my face for the next couple of hours. Ahh.. such is the life of a lightweight. After drinking, I went to the computer lab and sat down to join the Kodak PhotoChat that had begun. Some of you who read this may even remember these glorious nights of pictures, scribblings, and chatting. It got quite interesting at times! I found immense joy in connecting with all these Kodak folk I had never met. Back to the story though, I think I was sober by the time Matt B. (aforementioned boyfriend who had to work late) logged on to moderate the chat. Fortunately, a friend dropped by the computer lab and rescued me from a night of chatting. We went to Club Marcella’s in downtown Buffalo (I had to drive) and I had a “yard” of Killians (which I gave most of to some other friends at the club). Good times.. um.. I think.

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