Thursday, January 31, 2002

Waiting By The Phone

I’m waiting on several phone calls at the moment. I can’t go any further on the press releases I’m writing until I hear from them. Reminds me of being in news. I can remember sitting on many a story simply because I couldn’t get more information because the person in the know had not returned my call. It’s a good thing we don’t have as strict deadlines here. I would like to put out at least one release tomorrow, but that may be out of the question unless I get at least one call back. In the meantime, I’m using this down period to blog.

Winter Fog & Rain

It’s been raining all day. Sometimes a little bit of snow has mixed in as sleet. It’s now raining with fog settling in for the late afternoon. Would you call that “frain” or “rog?” It’s quite beautiful actually since the snow on the ground and gray skies have created this almost continuous blank palette. Some gray strokes of tree branches emerge through the milk. In North County it’s apparently more ice than rain. I’m worried it will be the same in Jamestown. Ice build up can look amazing, but it’s a bitch to drive in.

Drink me!

Which drink are you?

Frosty, eh? Well.. I have heard that before *grins*

There Once Was a Girl Who Blogged..

Why do I have a feeling that my heading will end up being some bawdy limerick? I’ve actually stolen the idea from Matt since he’s blogged even more infrequently than me lately.

Speaking of bawdy limericks. A group of us used to go to the Old Toad (an authentic English Pub in Rochester) on Monday nights a few years back for Trivia night. It was great fun since the trivia was a mix of the obscure and current events. There were at least 2 “beer questions” where the first person to yell out the correct answer received a free beer. Otherwise, you wrote down the answers on paper and the group/person with the most correct answers received prizes of some sort. There was also a limerick contest that gave the first line of the limerick and left the rest up to the crowd. One of our group, August, had a great flair for these rhymes and often won the contest (and consequently, a beer). Good times.

More Pie

Matt and I watched American Pie 2 last night. Pretty funny stuff. I needed a good laugh with everything that’s been on my mind.

More on Trip to Rochester

Matt and I got to see Sean and Anne for the first time in a long time. We started the night at Johnny’s Irish Pub on Culver Road near Merchants, which used to be called Johnny’s Smoke-Free Pub. It’s still smoke-free but has a more Irish flavour to it now. It’s a cool place but it was very crowded the night we went. After a pint, we took off for The Distillery on Mt. Hope Avenue. Fun times there although I was crashing pretty hard. I’m just not used to staying up late any more. When I try to stay up thinking I’ll sleep in the next morning, I usually wake up at 9 A.M. That’s my just desserts I suppose. Funny moment for the evening: Sean, Anne and I exchanged Christmas gifts finally. I had given Sean his while at the Irish Pub. As we left, some man turned to him and said “Happy Birthday.” We thought this was rather amusing since Sean’s birthday is in September. But if you’re looking for a nice place for a pint, I do suggest Johnny’s. I hear they have a great Happy Hour with decent free food (aka pizza from the pizzaria down the street).

Wednesday, January 30, 2002

One of those weeks..

Ever have one of those weeks? The kind of weeks that you wish you could erase from memory? That’s this week for me. Just about every day has me wondering if I should start looking for another job. It’s been a year since I interviewed for the job I have. I will have been here a year in April. I’m wondering when I’ll ever feel confident about how and what I’m doing. I compared to how I feel and what the situation is currently like to being in math class all over again. You think you understand how to get something done. You do it. Feel a sense of pride that just maybe you got it right this time only to be berated for once again not doing it the way they want you to. I’m getting beyond frustration at this current moment. Maybe I’ll feel better at the end of the day.

Monday, January 28, 2002

I Don't Like Mondays

My Monday had a rather horrid start. I'm feeling better at the moment, but I lost what teeny bit of respect I had for a person. Not that I had much for him anyway. I still find it fascinating that a 40-something has no idea how to act like an adult and treat others with respect.

Extraordinarily Large Ducks and "Floatie"

Matt and I visited Rochester this past weekend. Naturally, we didn't get to do nearly as much as we hoped to and certainly did not see everyone we hoped to. There just isn't enough hours in a day for that I guess. Sunday afternoon we got together with Mike and Londa for lunch at Keenan's. Since it was such a beautiful day, we all decided to take a walk along the Irondequoit Bay Pier.

The Bay Pier holds great sentimental value for me. It was the place my friends and I would spend hours on, talking, taunting storms and yelling insults at passing boaters or men fishing on the opposite pier. See, there used to be a bridge across the outlet of the Bay that connected Irondequoit to Webster. In the mid-80's this bridge was taken out much to the chagrin of many. I remember seeing signs of "Bridge It" in many storefront windows, resident's cars and in their house windows. The one positive thing about the bridge removal is the creation of two piers that sheltered the outlet from waves off the lake. A removable bridge was finally put in several years ago. Unfortunately, it's only in place from December 1st until March 31st.

But back to the walking story. Crowds of people emerged from their homes to enjoy the balmy weather and take in some lake air. One strange site was a group of teenage boys who were crawling among the rocks alongside the pier, looking for "caves" to hang out in. I think they were really looking for places to smoke-up in. As we walked back to the shore, Londa spied a large, seemingly dead fish. It was quite large and floating perpindicular to the surface. It's snout was sticking above the surface of the water. I jokingly said that Mike should go poke it with the large stick laying near by. Mike heartedly agreed and proceeded to climb down the rocks to the water. As he picked up the stick, he said, "Hey, I think it's still alive!" Sure enough, the fish was alive, barely. Mike pushed at it with the stick and the fish's fin moved around. He then nudged the fish out further into the outlet thinking maybe this would help it out. No luck. We nicknamed the dying fish "Floatie."

We also paused on the bridge for a bit to watch people feeding the ducks. There were some enormous ducks in the water. I mean, some ducks were twice the size of the other ones. We thought maybe the female was carrying eggs she hadn't laid yet, but that didn't explain the male nearby. The ducks made for great entertainment as we watched them squack and fight for bitty pieces of bread. Fantastic afternoon!

Wednesday, January 23, 2002

You Are a Big, Big Star..

Listening to Poole’s Alaska Days last night reminded me of Spring. It made me remember that feeling of great confidence that comes with Spring, better weather, falling in love, or feeling free again. The confidence is something I associate more with Rochester and more so with what I was like in my earlier 20’s and late teens. The confidence of walking around head held high and that saunter of a woman who knows who she is and what she wants. It’s quite a great feeling. Before I was besieged by worries, I remember walking into Java Joe’s (or Java’s) with that super-smile and air of lightness as I ordered my coffee. Fingers waggling a hello at everyone I knew. Feeling super-sexy (even if I was just wearing jeans and a t-shirt), and probably being more of an extrovert than I can believe now. It’s knowing what you want, knowing you can get it if you try, and simply feeling magnificent about the world and your life. I shouldn’t say I don’t still get that feeling but it’s not quite the same around here.

Road Trip

Matt and I will be making a journey to Rochester this weekend. There’s quite a few people I haven’t had a chance to see my other trips there. In fact, I haven’t been home since Thanksgiving. We will be well traveled over the next few weeks. Another trip to Rochester is in the works for February (Mardi Gras!) and then a trip to Cleveland the weekend after that. We still need to work on a trip to Washington D.C. or Chuck and Lori will disown us.

My favourite offer for a trip destination is Raleigh, N.C. Matt B.’s brother, Glenn, said we could stop by and see him if we were ever in the area. All I can say to that is “U.S.A.!”

Saturday, January 19, 2002

She Wants To Party All The Time

I must be referring to someone else in that subject line ;-) No, I do mean me. For some odd reason, there's just a lot of partying going on this weekend. Tonight, Matt and I are going to see his brother, Dave, play his first band gig at Mad Murdocks. I'm not overly excited since I don't like Murdocks, but there's a good buzz about Dave's band so I'm excited about that. Also, Matt promised to buy me lots of cherry cokes and amaretto sours (can't get too drunk). Tomorrow, we have a going away party to attend for the out-going County Democratic Chairwoman. She's moving. That evening, Troy, Melissa, Irys and possibly Sis are coming over for a night of reverie. I have a feeling that Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers will be cranked. Nothing like an 80's flashback to liven up a gathering.

My Old Man Loves to Rock

Ok, I don't normally refer to my Dad as "old man," but the phrase fits him. I don't know too many dads of my friends who are into rock and roll like my dad. He was disappointed that I forgot to burn my Def Leppard's greatest hits disc for him at Christmas time. I'm making it up to him by burning a couple other rock discs that I have that he doesn't. My parents are just cool. When Tom Petty came out with Wildflowers, my dad, our friend Steve, and I went to hear him play at the War Memorial (now Blue Cross/Blue Shield Arena) in Rochester. That was an awesome concert. You just had to smile when "You Don't Know How It Feels" started and everyone yelled "Let's roll another joint!" I don't toke, but I think people were a little too sensitive about that lyric. I heard the edited version this morning and cringed.

Friday, January 18, 2002

A Bomb of Sorts

I just found out this afternoon that a friend I had in college (at Baldwin-Wallace) committed suicide this past Tuesday. Needless to say, I was shocked, but how I received the message almost over-shadowed that news. It was from a friend I hadn't spoke to in 2 years. I had forgotten he even had my home phone number. We talked about the fact that it was sad that it takes tragic events like this to bring friends back together. I've had this happen a couple times in my life. The last time it happened, I stuck to my promise to stay in touch with that particular group. I feel another effort coming on to do the same with this group.

The other odd thing about this news is that it's the third time this week that I've gotten in contact (or been contacted) by people I haven't heard from in months or years (6 years for one person). I had also been thinking earlier this week that it had been a long time since anyone I knew had died. I know that's morbid, but I've become accustomed to death more so as I get older. I think I mentioned it before, but it started my senior year in college when 7 people I knew died. You don't come through a period like that and not have it make an impression or condition you somehow. I guess it made me more aware that you could lose family and friends sometimes without warning.

A Lighter Note...

I saw the episode of Ally McBeal this week that featured Jon Bon Jovi. Now, I haven't watched that show in forever. I was an avid fan its first couple of seasons, but by the third season it was getting tired for me. I think I re-tuned in when Ally and Billy were on the brink of an affair, but that might have been season 2.

Anyway, something about Jon Bon Jovi in this episode really kicked off something in me. I mean, for an older guy, he's pretty hot! I wasn't a huge fan of the band in the 80's, but (like most "metal") I've grown to like their stuff. Fortunately, I'm not the only female that's been struck by the "hotness" of Jon. I think I must add Ally back into my viewing schedule for awhile (or until Jon's 8 guest appearances are up). Hm.

Thursday, January 17, 2002

You Think You Know..

I’m feeling pretty good today. I just pulled out my radio voice on some telemarketer who called me at work. The nerve! You see, I love my radio voice because it makes me sound at least 15 years older than I am and usually earns me more respect from the person on the other end of the phone line. This is a nice ego booster since most of the people I work with are in their 40’s and older. There’s a few 30-somethings, but I’m the youngest person in my building. After I left the radio station and started this job, people I met were surprised by how old (young) I was since they assumed I was middle-aged by the authority and tone of my voice. I don’t pull out “the voice” much now a days since it’s not really my natural speaking voice. Although it’s fun to use it with unsuspecting telemarketers when I’m telling them politely to sod off.

Mother of Pearl!

A friend of mine who joined the army Memorial Day weekend this past year just sent a mass email update to me. Now, I called her when I got her email saying she was joining up and kind of acted like a fool on the phone since I was in shock. I must write back and tell her it was a moment of insanity. I think most of my life can be explained away by bouts of temporary insanity. Thankfully, nothing illegal (I think) has ever happened during these bouts.

It’s Definitely Winter

My co-worker made that comment just a few moments ago. As I look outside, I concur. It’s snowed every day for at least a week now. All of you who live in snow-less (or close to it) locations can bow down at my feet! Just kidding. I’m not into subservience unless you really pissed me off. Matt has experienced that once or twice. One time being this morning when I found out he read an email sent to me last night. I told him he didn’t have to sneak around trying to see what was going on in my life. I would have shown him the email if he had asked. Ah well. Maybe I should put back the password protected thing on my email. Of course that would be saying I didn’t trust him not to read my email again. I have to think about this one.

Wednesday, January 16, 2002

Long Week. Nice Happenings

This week is too long already. I've worked 8 hours of "overtime" so far. I probably will at least another 1/2 to 1 hour to that by Friday. I need a vacation. Enough on that.

Earlier this month I mentioned my friend whose blog I found. Well, I finally owned up to him who I was since I had been posting anonymously in his comments section and I think things are cool. *crosses fingers* I've added him to the Daily Blog section if you're curious.

Tuesday, January 15, 2002

Why Times New Roman?

While editing a report done by a co-worker, a thought crossed my mind. Why does Microsoft Word establish the font Times New Roman as its default? And why does Microsoft Outlook establish Arial as its default font? Why these fonts? What about them makes them the better ones? Is it an attempt by Bill Gates to standardize the font usage of the world? Maybe I’m thinking too much.

Pretzel of Peril

A lot of fun has been made over the incident of President Bush choking on a pretzel and fainting. I considered the seriousness of the situation. The fact that if our president had choked to death, we would then be dealing with the elusive Dick Cheny was pretty sobering. At the same time, the situation is not without comedic value. I guess every president has his “moment.” Jimmy Carter had the “attacked by a rabbit” incident. Bill Clinton had his wonderous affair. Bush Sr. vomited on some Japanese officials. It was Dubya’s turn I guess. Unfortunately, it brings thoughts to mind like John Ashcroft running around, closing down Pretzel Plants, and Bush yelling “We’ll get those pretzel evildoers! (or would it be evildoughers?)”

Black Ice

I knew as I got into my car this morning that the roads would be slippery. Naturally, I took it easy going down the roads to get to the expressway, but apparently I still wasn't going slow enough to avoid a very nasty swath of black ice. Fortunately, I was able to keep control of my car and avoid flying out into the intersection. I was also fortunate that there wasn't any cars coming. The funny (not funny ha ha) thing is right before I hit the black ice, a tow truck went by carrying two cars that were involved in a fender bender. I had just enough time to muse that the one car probably was going too fast when I spun out. Strange stuff.

Monday, January 14, 2002

Comfort Food

Dinner tonight consisted of happy, comfort food. Frozen blueberry waffles toasted and covered with butter and real maple syrup, hot tea, and Troyer's Salt & Vinegar potato chips. Not exactly something that someone who's watching what she eats should be ingesting, but I truely believe that at times of the month like this that you have to indulge a little. Plus, it will be my only chance for a "real dinner" the rest of this week with all the meetings I have.

Not much else new to report. I had a thought for a post earlier today but lost it. Ah well!

Sunday, January 13, 2002

Trading Spaces

I'm addicted to the show Trading Spaces on TLC. I stayed up until 2am last night watching the show since there were 3 1-hour episodes in a row. Christmas Day they had a Trading Spaces marathon and my entire family was watching the show and yelling "Oh God! Why that color??? What are they doing??? I think this is the episode where the husband just doesn't like (insert item) etc." I just want someone to re-do our kitchen. It sucks. There's not enough cabinet space and this plywood covered with a cloth skirt just doesn't cut it for a decent sink setup. You'd have to see it to understand and I might be too embarrassed to show you. Unfortunately, Matt and I don't have anyone to "trade spaces" with. The closest people would be our friends, Troy & Melissa, and they have their shit together when it comes to decorating. OH well. Guess I'll have to wait until we buy a house to really do some reconstruction. *laughs* You'd think I had plenty of reconstruction going on based on past posts! That reconstruction was just painting dear.

Friday, January 11, 2002

Turkish Delight

I must buy a doumbek. For those who are wondering if I lost my mind, a doumbek is a drum that comes from Turkey (or that general area). Matt and I had gone over to our friend’s house last week and Troy had recently added a doumbek to his percussion collection. I think I surprised him by knowing a few of the drum rhythms. I must now buy one to become a doumbek master!

The delights of this drum led me to dig up a “mix” tape my dad made for me when I was in college. It contains mostly stuff by Gene Krupa off 78’s my grandpa used to own. Then, the latter half of the tape included drum solos from albums by The Sultans and other recordings. This was my favourite part of the whole tape. Something about the rhythms really pump me up. I even found a place on the web where I can buy the Best of The Sultans. The main person in the group, Omar Faruk Tekbilek, went solo awhile ago and is internationally reknown. I consider myself lucky that I’ve heard him perform live. One of those times was at Kilbourne Hall at the Eastman School of Music. Faruk, a steeldrummer and Mitzi Collins did this World Music concert. It was pretty cool to hear a hammered dulcimer, steel drums and middle eastern instruments mixed together. Faruk also had his son come on stage and do a couple numbers with him, including one of my favourite’s “The Zaar.” I’m hoping to search out some of his recordings the next time I go home.

Thursday, January 10, 2002

Whose House? Runs’ House!

The 80’s rap song “Tricky” by Run DMC was running through my head this morning as I got ready for work. I don’t really know the song other than memories of cringing to it while eating lunch in 3rd or 4th grade. I wasn’t very open minded to new forms of music back then. Well, rap at least. “Tricky” recently reared its head again in a commercial for some snowboard video game. I still hadn’t heard the full song for years, so the fact it was bouncing around inside my brain this morning was a little odd.

That was until the “Rippin’ Retro Song” of the morning on Kiss 106.9 FM came blaring on the radio in my car. Take a wild guess at what it was. Yup. I thought that was a little spooky, but figured it was shear coincidence.

I’m also chalking it up to coincidence that my dream last night was not in the least a tell-tale sign of the future. I dreamt that one of the former legislators was getting married this weekend and that he was inviting me. Now, I knew in my non-dreamstate that he was getting married this month. I just didn’t know it was this weekend (which was confirmed when I got into work this morning). I’m also not invited to the wedding, which is fine with me. Second spooky thing for the day.

Sorry for delay..

Sorry for late posting of previous posts.. my publish feature was down yesterday and Blogger apparently has been having problems. We're (hopefully) now back for your viewing pleasure.

Wednesday, January 09, 2002

First Idiot of the Season

As I write this, there is someone stranded on Chautauqua Lake with his snowmobile. Now, it was in the 40’s today and the lake just froze over within the two weeks, so this guy must have been a real winner to think it was safe to go out on the thin ice with his snow toy. You could almost hear the exasperation and holding in of laughter in the scanner dispatcher’s voice as he said, “Person stranded on ice with snowmobile, waving arms, looking for assistance.” If only we had an Ice Pool going.

When I worked at the radio station, we set up a non-monetary pool for when we thought the first person would go through the ice on Chautauqua Lake. Inevitably, there would always be some person who thought it was fine to go out when the ice was nowhere near as thick as it should be. I think the first ice-breaker was in February that year. The genius of some out-of-towners shone brightly last year when three people decided to cross the ice at its weakest point and the day after the temperature rose to 60 degrees. Naturally, all three went through the ice, lost their snowmobiles, but fortunately didn’t suffer any injuries other than getting wet and cold.

A Song that Followed Me

For a month or so, it seemed wherever I went, whatever radio station I had on, “Semi-Charmed Life” by Third Eye Blind would be playing. Now, if it weren’t for the fact that the song was over 4 years old it wouldn’t seem odd that it was playing repeatedly on almost every station it seemed. I think I noticed it even more because the lead singer (in the video for the song) very vaguely reminded me of another friend of mine. So, I’d hear this song and think of my friend by association. Maybe I’ve noticed the song more just because I haven’t heard from this friend in months. It just seemed strange. Anything ever happen like that to you?

I really need to find a way to get back my comments feature without causing massive agony within my blog template.

Have Car. Will Travel.

Matt and I are starting to look at the next couple months for trip possibilities. I’m dying to go home to Rochester and it looks like we might be able to do that next weekend. I just need to check with my parents to make sure it’s cool. And check with my boss to make sure he’s cool with me taking a half day next Friday. I’m sure it won’t be an issue after I work practically an extra day or more with all the meetings I have to go to. The other possible getaway is a trip to Cleveland the weekend of President’s Day. I haven’t seen Heidi in forever and haven’t been to Cleveland for an equally long time.

Traveling came up while I was chatting with Heidi on I.M. last night. I miss the spontaneity of just getting in the car and taking off when the spirit moves me. It was cool my first year at Buffalo State to be able to take off for Cleveland or Rochester when I felt like it. Now I have to consider my schedule, Matt’s schedule and whatnot before I do anything. There was one weekend I would have just taken off if it weren’t for the fact that Matt couldn’t go with me. Guess it’s called getting older or something. Part of me thinks that’s just a load of bunk and that I should still try to maintain some of that spontaneity.

Tuesday, January 08, 2002

Instant Karma

I should have added to my last post that my karma caught up with me quickly in that whole scenario. My S.O. and I went through a very bitter break-up that included mediation since we couldn't work out our differences like normal people (well, she couldn't according to the mental health counselor I was talking to at the time). You could say how I treated my friend (the guy w/ the blog) came back at me three-fold. And I deserved it really. This little story does has a small happy ending. My ex-S.O. and I were friends again by the end of the school year. It literally took the whole year for that to happen.

Monday, January 07, 2002

Stalking? I don't stalk.

Ok.. Matt thinks I'm a bit goofy because I found this blog of a guy I used to be friends with. I've been reading it, even posting in the comments section, but I refuse to give any indication of who I am. I think I'm more afraid that this friend will get mad at me.. well... simply because.. we were friends.. then we had "a fling".. then I went back to college.. then I broke up w/ my S.O... got back together w/ my S.O... basically screwing over my friend. Um.. so I was a bit of a "player" back then. *laughs* Yeah.. a player for all of 3 weeks. So I really wanted to tell my friend I was sorry some day, but was afraid he would just tell me to f*ck off. Yes.. I am a total screwball. *shrugs* Soooooooo..... I don't think it makes me a stalker.. just a wimp when it comes to apologizing long after the fact. Yup. You can email or post in the guestbook if you feel strongly either way about this.

Sunday, January 06, 2002

Ice.. Ice.. Bab.. um. no.

I couldn't resist with the title, but decided to go the good route. Anyway, I found a site that gives a webcam view of the construction of our new ice arena. The camera is set on top of the former Jamestown Funiture Mart on the corner of Washington Street and 2nd Street. The building in the lower righthand corner is Shawbucks Bar & Grille. An ok place. The dark spaces on the building are where walls still need to be put up. I'm afraid this is going to be one big box. Meaning, when you drive by it on Third Street all you will see is a stone wall. Rochester, NY has been accused of similar architectural faults. An article on that appeared more than several years ago in the Democrat & Chronicle. The only bit I remember is how when people walk downtown, they are greeted by faceless buildings that seem to say "we don't want you looking in.. and we don't want to look out." Something like that. Huge tangent. But go look at how the arena is coming along. This is probably one of the most exciting things to be happening in Jamestown in a long time.

Thursday, January 03, 2002

WBER: Summer 1993

(A CD I created from a tape I made of stuff off WBER in 1993)

1. The Juliana Hatfield 3 - "My Sister"
2. The Gin Blossoms - "Hey Jealousy"
3. R.E.M. - "Everybody Hurts"
4. Moby - "Move (I Feel So Good)"
5. James - "Laid"
6. Violent Femmes - "I Held Her In My Arms"
7. Pet Shop Boys - "A Different Point of View"
8. The Beautiful South - "36D"
9. Catherine Wheel - "Crank"
10. Cranes - "Jewel"
11. Big Country - "One I Love"
12. Kate Bush - "Eat The Music"
13. Depeche Mode - "Policy of Truth"
14. U2 - "Some Days Are Better Than Others"
15. Smashing Pumpkins - "Today"
16. Cracker - "Low"

It's amazing what seemed so fresh and new then seems.. retro and vaguely commercial now. Hm. Still a great compilation in most senses.

I Won a Contest?

You know how there's those entry forms for contests at various places, like check-out counters, that you can't help filling out? I filled out one at Honest John's Pizzaria awhile back while waiting for Matt to pay the bill. And then I won something. An I Love Lucy watch. I was surprised when I got the letter in the mail. It's nice to actually win for once, but I feel bad that I won something for a show I'm not that into. I mean, it's a funny show, but I don't go out of my way to watch it. Well, I don't go out of my way to watch really anything on tv. I'm still trying to decide what to do with the watch when it comes in the mail.

This quiz says absolutely nothing about your personality. Take it!

Tuesday, January 01, 2002


Well, we made it to January 1, 2002. What Fun! I'm going to keep it short (at least this entry) since I must get ready for my boss' Inauguration as County Executive (again). Have a great New Year and may it be happy, healthy and filled with love.

Away, Away

We're on a mini-vaca in an area where they're experiencing forest fires (thanks asshole arsonist). It's an area that makes Clift...