Thursday, January 03, 2002

WBER: Summer 1993

(A CD I created from a tape I made of stuff off WBER in 1993)

1. The Juliana Hatfield 3 - "My Sister"
2. The Gin Blossoms - "Hey Jealousy"
3. R.E.M. - "Everybody Hurts"
4. Moby - "Move (I Feel So Good)"
5. James - "Laid"
6. Violent Femmes - "I Held Her In My Arms"
7. Pet Shop Boys - "A Different Point of View"
8. The Beautiful South - "36D"
9. Catherine Wheel - "Crank"
10. Cranes - "Jewel"
11. Big Country - "One I Love"
12. Kate Bush - "Eat The Music"
13. Depeche Mode - "Policy of Truth"
14. U2 - "Some Days Are Better Than Others"
15. Smashing Pumpkins - "Today"
16. Cracker - "Low"

It's amazing what seemed so fresh and new then seems.. retro and vaguely commercial now. Hm. Still a great compilation in most senses.

I Won a Contest?

You know how there's those entry forms for contests at various places, like check-out counters, that you can't help filling out? I filled out one at Honest John's Pizzaria awhile back while waiting for Matt to pay the bill. And then I won something. An I Love Lucy watch. I was surprised when I got the letter in the mail. It's nice to actually win for once, but I feel bad that I won something for a show I'm not that into. I mean, it's a funny show, but I don't go out of my way to watch it. Well, I don't go out of my way to watch really anything on tv. I'm still trying to decide what to do with the watch when it comes in the mail.

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