Friday, January 11, 2002

Turkish Delight

I must buy a doumbek. For those who are wondering if I lost my mind, a doumbek is a drum that comes from Turkey (or that general area). Matt and I had gone over to our friend’s house last week and Troy had recently added a doumbek to his percussion collection. I think I surprised him by knowing a few of the drum rhythms. I must now buy one to become a doumbek master!

The delights of this drum led me to dig up a “mix” tape my dad made for me when I was in college. It contains mostly stuff by Gene Krupa off 78’s my grandpa used to own. Then, the latter half of the tape included drum solos from albums by The Sultans and other recordings. This was my favourite part of the whole tape. Something about the rhythms really pump me up. I even found a place on the web where I can buy the Best of The Sultans. The main person in the group, Omar Faruk Tekbilek, went solo awhile ago and is internationally reknown. I consider myself lucky that I’ve heard him perform live. One of those times was at Kilbourne Hall at the Eastman School of Music. Faruk, a steeldrummer and Mitzi Collins did this World Music concert. It was pretty cool to hear a hammered dulcimer, steel drums and middle eastern instruments mixed together. Faruk also had his son come on stage and do a couple numbers with him, including one of my favourite’s “The Zaar.” I’m hoping to search out some of his recordings the next time I go home.

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