Monday, January 07, 2002

Stalking? I don't stalk.

Ok.. Matt thinks I'm a bit goofy because I found this blog of a guy I used to be friends with. I've been reading it, even posting in the comments section, but I refuse to give any indication of who I am. I think I'm more afraid that this friend will get mad at me.. well... simply because.. we were friends.. then we had "a fling".. then I went back to college.. then I broke up w/ my S.O... got back together w/ my S.O... basically screwing over my friend. Um.. so I was a bit of a "player" back then. *laughs* Yeah.. a player for all of 3 weeks. So I really wanted to tell my friend I was sorry some day, but was afraid he would just tell me to f*ck off. Yes.. I am a total screwball. *shrugs* Soooooooo..... I don't think it makes me a stalker.. just a wimp when it comes to apologizing long after the fact. Yup. You can email or post in the guestbook if you feel strongly either way about this.

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