Thursday, January 31, 2002

There Once Was a Girl Who Blogged..

Why do I have a feeling that my heading will end up being some bawdy limerick? I’ve actually stolen the idea from Matt since he’s blogged even more infrequently than me lately.

Speaking of bawdy limericks. A group of us used to go to the Old Toad (an authentic English Pub in Rochester) on Monday nights a few years back for Trivia night. It was great fun since the trivia was a mix of the obscure and current events. There were at least 2 “beer questions” where the first person to yell out the correct answer received a free beer. Otherwise, you wrote down the answers on paper and the group/person with the most correct answers received prizes of some sort. There was also a limerick contest that gave the first line of the limerick and left the rest up to the crowd. One of our group, August, had a great flair for these rhymes and often won the contest (and consequently, a beer). Good times.

More Pie

Matt and I watched American Pie 2 last night. Pretty funny stuff. I needed a good laugh with everything that’s been on my mind.

More on Trip to Rochester

Matt and I got to see Sean and Anne for the first time in a long time. We started the night at Johnny’s Irish Pub on Culver Road near Merchants, which used to be called Johnny’s Smoke-Free Pub. It’s still smoke-free but has a more Irish flavour to it now. It’s a cool place but it was very crowded the night we went. After a pint, we took off for The Distillery on Mt. Hope Avenue. Fun times there although I was crashing pretty hard. I’m just not used to staying up late any more. When I try to stay up thinking I’ll sleep in the next morning, I usually wake up at 9 A.M. That’s my just desserts I suppose. Funny moment for the evening: Sean, Anne and I exchanged Christmas gifts finally. I had given Sean his while at the Irish Pub. As we left, some man turned to him and said “Happy Birthday.” We thought this was rather amusing since Sean’s birthday is in September. But if you’re looking for a nice place for a pint, I do suggest Johnny’s. I hear they have a great Happy Hour with decent free food (aka pizza from the pizzaria down the street).

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