Thursday, January 10, 2002

Whose House? Runs’ House!

The 80’s rap song “Tricky” by Run DMC was running through my head this morning as I got ready for work. I don’t really know the song other than memories of cringing to it while eating lunch in 3rd or 4th grade. I wasn’t very open minded to new forms of music back then. Well, rap at least. “Tricky” recently reared its head again in a commercial for some snowboard video game. I still hadn’t heard the full song for years, so the fact it was bouncing around inside my brain this morning was a little odd.

That was until the “Rippin’ Retro Song” of the morning on Kiss 106.9 FM came blaring on the radio in my car. Take a wild guess at what it was. Yup. I thought that was a little spooky, but figured it was shear coincidence.

I’m also chalking it up to coincidence that my dream last night was not in the least a tell-tale sign of the future. I dreamt that one of the former legislators was getting married this weekend and that he was inviting me. Now, I knew in my non-dreamstate that he was getting married this month. I just didn’t know it was this weekend (which was confirmed when I got into work this morning). I’m also not invited to the wedding, which is fine with me. Second spooky thing for the day.

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