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Sassy Sisterhood CD Swap Track Listing

Ok, I'm a little slow on this, but here is the track listing for the CD I made for the Sassy Sisterhood Swap:

1. Liz Phair - Never Said
2. Hole - Malibu
3. Basement Jaxx - Romeo
4. Catatonia - Mulder & Scully
5. Pizzicato Five - Baby Love Child
6. Kylie Minogue - Love At First Sight
7. Bjork - Big Time Sensuality
8. Fiona Apple - Fast As You Can
9. Sinead O'Connor - Mandinka
10. Sneaker Pimps - 6 Underground (Nelle Hooper Edit)
11. Portishead - Glory Box
12. October Project - Ariel
13. Beth Orton - Central Reservation (The Then Again Version)
14. K.D. Lang - Maybe
15. Kate Bush - Cloudbusting
16. Tori Amos - Father Lucifer
17. 10,000 Maniacs - Like The Weather
18. Dar Williams - Southern California Wants To Be Western New York

If you would like a copy of this compilation, send me an email or something.
Dinner & Grocery Shopping

I love Wegmans. I really hate to shop anywhere else since I think they have the best store product line and their produce is usually much better than other area stores. Naturally, I was a tad bit excited to hear that Wegmans will soon open a full-service restaurant in Rochester. It will be open in time for my visit at the end of August, so I just might have to stop in for a bite.
Americans As Tourists

I haven't been overseas much, but I did spend 8 days in England and countless days in Canada. As a rule, I try to be respectful of other cultures, especially when I'm the foreign one. However, the natives aren't always as pleasant. I've been in the company of friends of natives of a country where our accent/phrasing was made fun of. This was in Canada, so I guess it was fair play seeing how our dear friends to the North (East & West) are ridiculed so often by Americans. I've heard other accounts ranging from being welcomed with open arms (Italy) to general hostility (France). I found a link on Happy Fun Pundit to Jane Galt, who wrote a great blog entry on Americans as Tourists. Her entry was inspired by a post by Ted Barlow, who was inspired by an article by the BBC, who received their information from research done by Expedia (UK). What a intricate web we weave.

Rearranging House

Matt and I spent the last three days rearranging furn…
Blogging From The Fair

I'm blogging from the Chautauqua County Fair One of the small blessings of having a computer in our tent. Otherwise it's hot and muggy today. Pretty much how the week started. There won't be much traffic through the tent today, as is usually the case on Saturday from what I've heard. I will be shutting down our site at 6pm and then spending the rest of the evening here. At the fair. Pretty sick, eh? It's all for my friends of course. They haven't had to put up with this all week.

Parents Abroad

My parents leave tomorrow for England to go on a cruise around parts of Great Britain, including a stop in France. I'm extremely jealous, but also a little fearful about the trip. It's just that flying thing I guess. I don't get overly worried about flying myself, but I'm always afraid for other people. The thought crossed my mind that maybe I should even go to church tomorrow morning just to make sure they make it there …
My Candy Heart Says..

Be Good

It's not too surprising that "Be Good" is what your candy heart says. You've probably been hearing it all your life. From your third grade teacher, to your last serious relationship, there's just that little bit of mischief about you that keeps people on their toes. Could be the glimmer that your eyes get when you think of doing something you're not exactly supposed to be doing, like sneaking the last cookie from the plate or secretly filling your glass with the final sips of wine?

Were your parents reluctant to leave you at home without a chaperone? But overall, it's that impish sense of good fun that keeps people enamored by your charm.

People can't help but want to be around you. So when loved ones throw their arms around you, they really do mean it — even if their parting words are always, "Be Good".

Life as an Open Blog

It's amazing how much you can learn about people's personal lives now that this thing known as weblogs has exploded across the Internet. I just bounced between two blogs of people who are/were dating and followed some ups and downs in their relationship. It was still slightly ambiguous, so I'm not certain if they are still dating. I guess you have to be slightly voyeuristic to appreciate blogs. I know I've gotten angry, sad, happy, and whatnot on this blog but there's still a lot I don't put on here because it is that personal. I save that for elsewhere, like my blue journal. I've been writing in a journal since third grade and don't plan to quit anytime soon. There's just some things you have to sort out on paper before you talk about it with anyone else.
Another Lovely Weekend in Cleveland

Matt and I went back to Cleveland this past weekend to hear the Infinity Performing Arts Project perform at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. They were awesome! Afterwards, we took in the John Lennon exhibit. That was pretty cool, but a little sad when you realized the talent lost despite his eccentricities. We met up with Heidi and her mom, who was visiting, for dinner and drinks.

Saturday, we went to the Great Lakes Science Center to see the Titanic exhibit. There was quite a crowd for just that part of the museum. We bought tickets for the OmniMax feature, Titanica, and the related exhibit. I think my "favourite" part of the exhibit was this very large piece of ice (think smaller iceberg) that was on display. You were encouraged to touch it since the water the night the Titanic sunk was colder than that block of ice. That really put it into perspective what those people went through and why so many died after hitting the water…
Melting at the Fair

I'm working all week at the Chautauqua County Fair in the County Government tent. Today was incredibly hot. At first there was a nice breeze that kept it near bearable. Then a monsoon descended and it became quite sticky and hot for the rest of the day. Here in Jamestown, things were bad enough that Matt ran out to Wal*Mart and bought a window air conditioning unit. We'll see how that works out. So if you're in Chautauqua County, stop by the fair and say hello to me. You'll get a free pen or magnet from one of our departments at the least.
Some Bloke Says I Shouldn't Own Some CDs

Ever curious about which one-hundred CDs you shouldn't own? I have at least 21 CDs on this list. Not selling any of them! I like having a broad collection.

Need... To... Get.. Out.. of Here!

It's just been crazy here today. And it hasn't really let up for the past week or so. With my co-worker in Italy until two weeks from now (or so it looks), a lot has fallen on my shoulders. I'm just not keeping up with all of it. And on top of it, some shi*t went down today that I'm am pretty pissed about. But I have a voice message into my supervisor about that, so hopefully I'll be able to address that next week.

Speaking of Reunions

The Gin Blossoms have reunited! I'm pretty psyched about that since I like their stuff. I know some think it's lightweight and whatever, but I like it. The cool thing is that my friend who runs Fusion Grooves talks to Robin Wilson (lead singer) pretty regularly since Robin's band, The Gas Giants, is featured on the site. Nice.
Oh Ren!

I'm so very happy to hear that Ren & Stimpy are being revived. I think most of my freshman year in high school involved various friends quoting various things from that cartoon. My friend Dave especially liked, "I love to lick your creamy center.." That line refers to a candy bar you sicko!
Wash Up Time!

Matt and I are getting quite the deal on a washer and dryer. A friend of Heidi's (my best friend) mom is moving into a condo and no longer will have use for her slightly used washer and dryer (only couple years old). We will be getting both machines for a total price of $100. We still need to work out the delivery since the machines are in Rochester and we're hoping that Heidi's mom will be able to drop them off when they come down for a wedding next month (machines should fit in a van they have). I'm pretty excited about it and just need to make sure that the basement is all clear. Matt needs to finalize whether we have one or two 220-lines and I need to prod him to prod our landlord to install a second line if it doesn't exist. Ahh.. no more trips to the laundromat.

Sassy Sisterhood CD Swap

I finally finished burning my discs for the CD swap. They're in the mail and on their way to places like Jamiaca Plain, MA, Chicago, IL and Enfield, C…
Big Brother Is Watching You

Sometimes our government scares the shit out of me. Take this this program called TIPS for instance. Creepy stuff. Please visit that link for more information and make yourself aware of this potential danger to our civil liberties.
An Ice Cream Disaster

Going to endless committee meetings for the County Legislature can be educational. For instance, during this morning's Public Safety Committee I found out that if a major disaster occured at Fieldbrook Farms (ice cream producer) in Dunkirk that there's enough ammonia in that building to turn the city of Dunkirk into soft serve. Pretty cool, huh?

Obtainable Goals

There are a number of things I wished I did more of or less depending on the situation in my life. The issue is making my goals obtainable. Here at work, we talk a lot about setting goals, creating service delivery plans that help us meet those goals, and in the end making sure our goals are reasonable. While I was in the shower (I think a lot of people get the best ideas while sudsing up), I decided it would be a good plan to set out a list of things I'd like to accomplish, set a time frame and frequency for accomplishing these goals, and then getting started on them. Here's a brief…

Sorry to bounce off for a few days without blogging. Sometimes you need to take a break, even if it's unintended. I checked this page and noticed that enetations is experiencing technical difficulties thus no comments are available at this time. When, and if, they reappear, please comment. *grins*

Short Visit

Matt and I went to Cleveland Saturday for a party. Our friends, Christa & Stew, were in town from Toronto for a family get-together and thought it would be fun to have some of the college crew come over. Heidi was there and I got to see Meg for the first time since we graduated from college. It was great fun getting caught up, gossiping, telling stories, and generally laughing hysterically. There is a reason we call Meg, Meg-Squared. I saw this for the first time when I when I traveled to Cleveland for a wedding in 1997. I was the only one of my friends who was 21 years old, so I was delegated to go buy alcohol. Heidi had done my make-up for me since we …
College Loans, No More

I just paid off my college loans today. It's a very odd feeling. I'm grinning about it, but at the same time feel almost sad. It's like I'm moving into that older, more responsible category. Not that it's a bad thing. But it is like an ending to an era (no matter how small my loans were compared to my friends).
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The number Four represents work, organization and productivity. If you chose this number, it is a good day to clear your desk and balance your checkbook. Be careful, however, not to be too rigid or stubborn with others.

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A Field of Flowers -- You are likely to be grounded, practical and domestic today.
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The Importance of Events in a Small City

Listening to The Smith's Heavens Knows I'm Miserable Now reminded me of September 1999 just before "all hell broke loose" in Jamestown. I wasn't sure how I felt about my job as a radio news reporter, a long-term relationship was crumbling, and I was homesick. Then, on September 15th around 9PM, a sudden change. The police scanner can be a great tool for reporters if they know how to use it. Unfortunately, I chose to use the ladies' room just as the most resounding call for that year came across the scanner, "Officer Down." When I returned to the news room, I heard all sorts of commotion on the scanner, but couldn't put the pieces together as to what had happened. Fortunately, a local ecentric whose ear is glued to a scanner all day called in and blustered, "Why aren't you carrying this on the news???" "Carrying what?" I asked with some trepidation. "The police officer t…
Evangelical Christians Give Grants to Jews Moving to Israel

We live in a bizarre world. I read in the paper this morning that 400 Americans moved to Israel on Tuesday. Talk about not fearing death, tragedy, violence, etc. A curious note in the article is that some of these immigrants to Israel received $5,000 grants from the Amercian Evangelical Christians, who "want to encourage Jews to live in the Holy Land - which they see as foretold by the Bible." I can just see it:

American Jewish Immigrant: "So you're going to give me $5,000 to move somewhere I already planned on moving?"
Evangelical Christian: "Yes, you see.. it's all in our master plan.. er ... The Bible."
American Jew: "And you get exactly what out of this?"
Christian: "Well, the Messiah will return once you guys are all back in Israel."
Jew: "Uh huh.. and you're implying there's going to be a Messiah?"
Christian: "Of course! Don't you …
The Clutter Gene

When it comes to cleanliness and neatness, I have conflicting genes. My dad tends to be neat and maybe a little anal about how he keeps things (Iike how his socks are folded) while my mom is a little more cluttery and a packrat. I inherited the packrat syndrome, clutter syndrome, and weird, anal-my-socks-must-be-folded-this-way syndrome. In the end, it all adds up to a messy house with dishes that are "just so" in the cubboards. I'm not kidding! I used to freak out about how my parents put dishes in the dishwasher and I would rearrange them if they weren't loaded "the correct" way. I don't do this as much in my own house now, but I do get fussy about how the glasses are put away sometimes. I'm not nuts. I promise. Actually, have these conflicting genes is a problem because I freak out about the house being messy, but then don't have the urge to clean.
It's Raining

It's a good thing. I like rain. When we need it I mean. See, it would just be too much a pain in the ass to water my garden right now, so the rain is good. Come this weekend, the rain will suck! SUCK!! But I hear it will be sunny, so that's good. Onwards..

Not much to blog about today. I'm thinking of bandwagoning and changing the template of this blog. I've run across too many blogs with the same template and want something different. Mmm. Different is good. The only suckage there is copying all the code I've plugged in and hoping I don't lose my comments feature or screw it up. Lord knows it's easy for me to do that. Any comments on where I could find a good (easy to transfer) template or if I should even bother switching? Anyone? Anyone?
The Er.. Beautiful Skies of New York State

My dad sent me this link showing the smog layer over the central to western part of New York State. The view is from space looking south, so it's a bit disorienting. The interesting bit is that Rochester and Buffalo seem smog free while the rural parts of the state have a nice layer of it over us. Hm.

I Just Love My Friends

Only my friends could carry on a conversation over instant messenger that makes no sense and its pure intention is to merely irritate the other person. Well, maybe not just my friends, but it is pretty amusing. Since I had no permission to post this and am copying from another blog (which in a sense is public property and I'm not doing this for financial gain) I'm changing the IM handles to protect the poor petulant gits.

IM Conversation:

Gryffindor: beeeeeeeeep!
Lumpy: whaaaaaat?
Gryffindor: *sigh* need i repeat myself?
Lumpy: yes
Gryffindor: instead, go to this website to see a little something i got yesterday
Lumpy: hmm, i wonder how long something like that would burn if set ablaze?
Gryffindor: significantly longer than it'd take to cave your head in with a wrench, mainly due to a thick finish on the bass
Lumpy: blast you
Gryffindor: indeed. i'd dash your puny skull open before you could even finish striking the match
Lumpy: unless one fine …
Fires in Quebec

Last night, wherever we went it smelled like everyone was burning campfires. I thought we were too far west to smell any of the fires in Quebec, but apparently it will be hazy here due to the smoke. Pretty amazing, isn't it?
Kissing Jessica Stein

Sometimes movies just grab you. And not always in a happy, friendly way. Matt and I made the trek to Chautauqua Institution tonight (late last night maybe seeing as how it's after midnight now) to see Kissing Jessica Stein. I didn't tell Matt what it was about since I had been dying to see this film and I didn't want him to run off saying, "You just want to see girls kiss each other!" The movie was great. Aside from nearly bursting into tears in the middle of it. Some of the underlying themes and general story really nailed right through me. It's hard to describe. Seeing it made me feel like this big hole had just been gouged out of me.. or had been empty for awhile. It's been so long. And it's hard sometimes to reconcile with yourself that you'll never have that experience again since you're pretty much set on marrying the guy you're with because you love him and all that great stuff. And you start to wish …
Star Wars Bohemian Rhapsody

Need a break from work on this day after Independence Day (if blogger gets back up and running I can get this published today)? Need a laugh? Go to this page and quietly hum the tune of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" while reading this new opera in honor of the first Star Wars movie.

Fourth Of July On Drugs

The Fourth of July (AKA Independence Day) felt like it was on drugs. Just a weird ambience to the day. Matt and I bought our first American flag and put it on display. Nothing strange about that. We then headed up to Dunkirk for a party and then fireworks on Lake Erie. On the way there, we passed a burned out truck and camper. Found out today that the truck engine just burst into flames, critically injuring the driver and his son. At the party, I downed two jello shots that had no effect on me (also the best jello shots I've ever had). We rode to the fireworks in the back of a pick-up truck which was a new experience for me. And then we all settled in along the harbor for the fireworks. We oohed and ahhed as they started up and then I jokingly said after a burst of several rockets, "Well that was a nice finale." Then it went quiet right after I said that. We joked that maybe the fireworks people were unionized and were taking their coff…
I'll Never Get Used to the Small Town Thing

Matt and I bought tickets for the 9pm show of Men In Black II in Warren and then decided to get some dinner at Perkin's. On our way through downtown Warren I noticed all these chairs set up along the side of the road. Plastic chairs, lawn chairs, those chairs that fold up and fit into a carry bag, and even some card table chairs. Matt said, "Oh, they must be having a parade." Me: "Oh? Where are all the people then?" It seems that in Warren, people stake out their seats the night before the parade and then just leave their seats there. Matt refers to it as Warren getting ready for the second coming of christ.
Travel To Beat the Heat

Matt and I headed out to Erie, PA last night to get out of the stifling heat in our house. Naturally we spent the evening at Barnes & Nobles since it's the closet decent bookstore. Matt bought a huge book on Python language for his RPG or MUD or whatever it is that he's building. I bought John Mayer's cd Room For Squares and the latest Yahoo! Magazine. Both seem to be good. Tonight we're traveling to Warren, PA to see Men In Black II. Don't ask about the Pennsylvania stuff. I don't get it either other than it's something different. Also, MIB II isn't showing in Chautauqua County until Friday.

Maybe I Should Try the LOTTO

My luck with games of chance happens to be doing very well right now. I have officially won the I Love Lucy 50th Anniversary Trip to Orlando, Florida. Matt and I will be going Columbus Day weekend in October. Neither of us has really been to Orlando before. I had been there 20 years ago (almost to t…
Newfound Respect for Courtney Love

Please read this manifesto written by Courtney Love regarding the music industry. I knew the industry as a whole was full of bastards and this only confirms it.
Forget the DIY Stuff

I just agonized for the past half hour about how I was going to get back my blog. See, I tried this "nifty" DIY thing that lets you post messages like comments, but are automatically viewable within the post. Go to Meg's page to see her example. I thought on a hot day like today, it would be fun to do a non-blog. That's almost what I ended up with until I figured out how to fix the problem. Geezus!!

Reclaiming Jai Sen

I discovered the journal for an old friend. I haven't seen him in years, but we had many good times when he came up to visit. And to my surprise, he has written a book!