Monday, July 08, 2002

I Just Love My Friends

Only my friends could carry on a conversation over instant messenger that makes no sense and its pure intention is to merely irritate the other person. Well, maybe not just my friends, but it is pretty amusing. Since I had no permission to post this and am copying from another blog (which in a sense is public property and I'm not doing this for financial gain) I'm changing the IM handles to protect the poor petulant gits.

IM Conversation:

Gryffindor: beeeeeeeeep!
Lumpy: whaaaaaat?
Gryffindor: *sigh* need i repeat myself?
Lumpy: yes
Gryffindor: instead, go to this website to see a little something i got yesterday
Lumpy: hmm, i wonder how long something like that would burn if set ablaze?
Gryffindor: significantly longer than it'd take to cave your head in with a wrench, mainly due to a thick finish on the bass
Lumpy: blast you
Gryffindor: indeed. i'd dash your puny skull open before you could even finish striking the match
Lumpy: unless one fine evening a molatov cocktail where to fly in your window!
Gryffindor: fear not, my operatives are well entrenched in this neighbourhood & your car would never make it without being blasted to kingdom come by an anti-tank rocket.
Lumpy: you possess no much device!
Gryffindor: certainly not, but my operatives do. And for this idiotic threat, I'll have my men begin contruction on a pipeline going straight from my commode to your bedroom while you're away at work!
Lumpy: bah! my fecal auto-detect-and-reject system has been in place for months. you're too late!
Gryffindor: months? at the new apartment? you're bluffing!
Lumpy: i nefer bluff!
Gryffindor: it's neVer! with a goddamn V!
Lumpy: uh huh
Gryffindor: besides your foolish "auto-detect etc" system won't work, we're using a new metal to build the pipe-line which your systems will fail to de-tect!
Lumpy: blast! my men should have warned me of this new development!
Gryffindor: it was developed in conditions of absolute secrecy, your men were powerless to learn of it
Gryffindor: actually the pipeline is radium. quite brilliant, don't you think?
Lumpy: i think you should sod off.

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