Wednesday, July 17, 2002

Wash Up Time!

Matt and I are getting quite the deal on a washer and dryer. A friend of Heidi's (my best friend) mom is moving into a condo and no longer will have use for her slightly used washer and dryer (only couple years old). We will be getting both machines for a total price of $100. We still need to work out the delivery since the machines are in Rochester and we're hoping that Heidi's mom will be able to drop them off when they come down for a wedding next month (machines should fit in a van they have). I'm pretty excited about it and just need to make sure that the basement is all clear. Matt needs to finalize whether we have one or two 220-lines and I need to prod him to prod our landlord to install a second line if it doesn't exist. Ahh.. no more trips to the laundromat.

Sassy Sisterhood CD Swap

I finally finished burning my discs for the CD swap. They're in the mail and on their way to places like Jamiaca Plain, MA, Chicago, IL and Enfield, CT. If I think of it I'll post the track listing in case there's any other Sassy Sisters who might like a copy.

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