Wednesday, July 10, 2002

The Clutter Gene

When it comes to cleanliness and neatness, I have conflicting genes. My dad tends to be neat and maybe a little anal about how he keeps things (Iike how his socks are folded) while my mom is a little more cluttery and a packrat. I inherited the packrat syndrome, clutter syndrome, and weird, anal-my-socks-must-be-folded-this-way syndrome. In the end, it all adds up to a messy house with dishes that are "just so" in the cubboards. I'm not kidding! I used to freak out about how my parents put dishes in the dishwasher and I would rearrange them if they weren't loaded "the correct" way. I don't do this as much in my own house now, but I do get fussy about how the glasses are put away sometimes. I'm not nuts. I promise. Actually, have these conflicting genes is a problem because I freak out about the house being messy, but then don't have the urge to clean.

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