Wednesday, July 10, 2002

Evangelical Christians Give Grants to Jews Moving to Israel

We live in a bizarre world. I read in the paper this morning that 400 Americans moved to Israel on Tuesday. Talk about not fearing death, tragedy, violence, etc. A curious note in the article is that some of these immigrants to Israel received $5,000 grants from the Amercian Evangelical Christians, who "want to encourage Jews to live in the Holy Land - which they see as foretold by the Bible." I can just see it:

American Jewish Immigrant: "So you're going to give me $5,000 to move somewhere I already planned on moving?"
Evangelical Christian: "Yes, you see.. it's all in our master plan.. er ... The Bible."
American Jew: "And you get exactly what out of this?"
Christian: "Well, the Messiah will return once you guys are all back in Israel."
Jew: "Uh huh.. and you're implying there's going to be a Messiah?"
Christian: "Of course! Don't you read the Bible? It say in the New Testament.."
Jew: (interrupts) "Yeah sure, whatever.. we don't follow that "new" stuff."
Christian: "No really! The Messiah will come back and you'll convert! Great plan, eh?"
Jew: "If you really believe that. Thanks for the $5,000 by the way *laughs*"

Ok, so I'll get flamed for that one, but I do think it's ludicrous. Hello! Can't you think of something better to do with $5,000??? Geezus!

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