Tuesday, July 09, 2002

It's Raining

It's a good thing. I like rain. When we need it I mean. See, it would just be too much a pain in the ass to water my garden right now, so the rain is good. Come this weekend, the rain will suck! SUCK!! But I hear it will be sunny, so that's good. Onwards..

Not much to blog about today. I'm thinking of bandwagoning and changing the template of this blog. I've run across too many blogs with the same template and want something different. Mmm. Different is good. The only suckage there is copying all the code I've plugged in and hoping I don't lose my comments feature or screw it up. Lord knows it's easy for me to do that. Any comments on where I could find a good (easy to transfer) template or if I should even bother switching? Anyone? Anyone?

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