Saturday, July 27, 2002

Blogging From The Fair

I'm blogging from the Chautauqua County Fair One of the small blessings of having a computer in our tent. Otherwise it's hot and muggy today. Pretty much how the week started. There won't be much traffic through the tent today, as is usually the case on Saturday from what I've heard. I will be shutting down our site at 6pm and then spending the rest of the evening here. At the fair. Pretty sick, eh? It's all for my friends of course. They haven't had to put up with this all week.

Parents Abroad

My parents leave tomorrow for England to go on a cruise around parts of Great Britain, including a stop in France. I'm extremely jealous, but also a little fearful about the trip. It's just that flying thing I guess. I don't get overly worried about flying myself, but I'm always afraid for other people. The thought crossed my mind that maybe I should even go to church tomorrow morning just to make sure they make it there and back safe. I think I've talked to them on the phone more this past week than in a long time.

Next Week: Gravity Games

Matt and I are headed back to Cleveland next Saturday for the Gravity Games. I'm super excited about this because Bucky Lasek should be there and there's even a possibility that Tony Hawk will be there as well. *Drool* My parents thought it was odd that I wanted to go, but I've always had a secret thing about skaters. Especially back when the shaved in the back-long in the front hair style was the fashion.

Ok.. gotta go. Some people are actually nosing around my pamphlets, maps, pens and keychains.

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