Wednesday, July 03, 2002

Travel To Beat the Heat

Matt and I headed out to Erie, PA last night to get out of the stifling heat in our house. Naturally we spent the evening at Barnes & Nobles since it's the closet decent bookstore. Matt bought a huge book on Python language for his RPG or MUD or whatever it is that he's building. I bought John Mayer's cd Room For Squares and the latest Yahoo! Magazine. Both seem to be good. Tonight we're traveling to Warren, PA to see Men In Black II. Don't ask about the Pennsylvania stuff. I don't get it either other than it's something different. Also, MIB II isn't showing in Chautauqua County until Friday.

Maybe I Should Try the LOTTO

My luck with games of chance happens to be doing very well right now. I have officially won the I Love Lucy 50th Anniversary Trip to Orlando, Florida. Matt and I will be going Columbus Day weekend in October. Neither of us has really been to Orlando before. I had been there 20 years ago (almost to the day we're going) when my parents decided on off-season trip would be fun. I'm waiting to hear from the woman who is making our flight/hotel arrangements so I can find out more details, but we're pretty excited to be going on a free trip for four days. And one thing we've already planned to do is eat at The Melting Pot again since there is an Orlando location. Mmmm... fondue!

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