Friday, July 05, 2002

Fourth Of July On Drugs

The Fourth of July (AKA Independence Day) felt like it was on drugs. Just a weird ambience to the day. Matt and I bought our first American flag and put it on display. Nothing strange about that. We then headed up to Dunkirk for a party and then fireworks on Lake Erie. On the way there, we passed a burned out truck and camper. Found out today that the truck engine just burst into flames, critically injuring the driver and his son. At the party, I downed two jello shots that had no effect on me (also the best jello shots I've ever had). We rode to the fireworks in the back of a pick-up truck which was a new experience for me. And then we all settled in along the harbor for the fireworks. We oohed and ahhed as they started up and then I jokingly said after a burst of several rockets, "Well that was a nice finale." Then it went quiet right after I said that. We joked that maybe the fireworks people were unionized and were taking their coffee break as stated in their contracts. Another in the group said in jest that we should riot and storm city hall. Another blamed the new mayor of the city of Dunkirk. We waited. No more fireworks. Turns out it was too windy and "creating a potentially dangerous situation" for the crowd. We took off then. That was our Independence Day. For those who think I wasn't being very patriotic, I urge you to listen to 1240 AM WJTN (Sunday following the noon news), 1340 WKSN, or WDOE this weekend for my boss' radio address. It's all about Independence Day in terms of history, how it influenced other countries, and how we all need to reflect on its importance. I wrote that address. That's my show of patriotism for the weekend.

You Want Job Security? Move to Toronto

This article on the municipal strike in Toronto made me roll my eyes a bit. I'm pretty sure this is the first time I've heard of any job, besides getting tenure as a teacher, where you're assured employment for life. Mayor Lastman's comments were right on though. I'm so glad we didn't plan a trip to Toronto this summer. At least our friends that live there are coming down to Cleveland next weekend for a visit, so we can go see them there and avoid the rotting trash engulfing their city.

A Bit of Pampering This Afternoon

I'm finally getting to use my gift certificate for Oasis Day Spa this afternoon. I'm truly looking forward to this facial with shiatsu massage (for my face) and the paraffin wax treatment for my hands and feet. Ahhhh. I told Matt we have to go out tonight so everyone can see my (hopefully) glowing, beautiful face. My next goal is getting my first pedicure ever before summer ends and I no longer can wear sandles that are currently exposing my unpainted toenails.

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