Thursday, July 18, 2002

Need... To... Get.. Out.. of Here!

It's just been crazy here today. And it hasn't really let up for the past week or so. With my co-worker in Italy until two weeks from now (or so it looks), a lot has fallen on my shoulders. I'm just not keeping up with all of it. And on top of it, some shi*t went down today that I'm am pretty pissed about. But I have a voice message into my supervisor about that, so hopefully I'll be able to address that next week.

Speaking of Reunions

The Gin Blossoms have reunited! I'm pretty psyched about that since I like their stuff. I know some think it's lightweight and whatever, but I like it. The cool thing is that my friend who runs Fusion Grooves talks to Robin Wilson (lead singer) pretty regularly since Robin's band, The Gas Giants, is featured on the site. Nice.

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