Tuesday, July 16, 2002

An Ice Cream Disaster

Going to endless committee meetings for the County Legislature can be educational. For instance, during this morning's Public Safety Committee I found out that if a major disaster occured at Fieldbrook Farms (ice cream producer) in Dunkirk that there's enough ammonia in that building to turn the city of Dunkirk into soft serve. Pretty cool, huh?

Obtainable Goals

There are a number of things I wished I did more of or less depending on the situation in my life. The issue is making my goals obtainable. Here at work, we talk a lot about setting goals, creating service delivery plans that help us meet those goals, and in the end making sure our goals are reasonable. While I was in the shower (I think a lot of people get the best ideas while sudsing up), I decided it would be a good plan to set out a list of things I'd like to accomplish, set a time frame and frequency for accomplishing these goals, and then getting started on them. Here's a brief outline of what I have in mind:

Daily Goals
- pick up/put away laundry
- wash some (not all) dishes

Weekly Goals
- read one book
- excercise
- write/respond to an email for a friend

Monthly Goals
- practice violin
- write in my journal

It may seem simplistic so far, but I figure if I start small that I'll accomplish more in the end. For instance, I hardly practice violin right now, but if I set a goal to do it monthly, maybe that can increase to weekly. And I love to read, but sometimes it gets in the way of doing other things like the dishes or emailing my friends. If I limit myself to one book, then I'll have time to do the other things. The trick now is printing out a matrix of these goals and then doing them. Do you have a strategy for getting stuff done in your life (and not just chores)?

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