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And your life will be...

You will live in Apartment.
You will drive a Forest Green Mini Cooper.
You will marry Matt H. and have 2 kids.
You will be a Media Industry Type in Seattle.

You gotta love Mash. The results are pretty eerie if you ask me.
Changing Rooms

Incidentally, I OD-ed on Changing Rooms last night. What a great show. I love how the Brits are brutally honest with the results of their room makeover. Example: "This is crap!" -- as said by a wife of an artist when she saw the modern makeover of a room in an very, very old house. That wasn't the only dissention in the episodes I saw last night. I only wish I had remembered to pop in a videotape to record the whole marathon. By the way, if you ever see it, look for the designer fellow with the long, dark hair. He reminds me of a potential third member of Tears For Fears in their "Sowing The Seeds of Love" phase.

The brief Thanksgiving Holiday

Driving home wasn't too bad on Tuesday. I didn't hit real snow until I was 10 minutes from my parent's house. They were a little surprised to see me there so early (an hour early), but it was all good. The weather, on the otherhand, was not. Fat, wet flakes of snow proceeded to blanket the county, making driving for the uninitiated pretty treacherous. I did manage to convince Sean and Anne to get coffee with me. I drove. It was a nice time. We found a cozy corner at Java's and mulled over various things. I think the weather had us a little edgy, so we went home "early" (AKA before midnight).

Wednesday, I took my mom to breakfast at the Parkside Diner. I hadn't had a plateful of heart attack goodness in a little bit. There were lots of guys there. I'm thinking they were either public works-types or landscaping or construction or something labour-ish types. Some really good looking ones too. Must be age, sin…
Post-Thanksgiving Report

While a good chunk of the U-S-of-A is out being crazed consumerists, I'm using more of their tax money today at work. I'm doing that simply by being at work. Of course, if I took the day off I would still be using their tax money. Either way, the public pays for me to sit here at my desk today, wishing I was home in bed. Or something else more preferable to being at my desk. Truthfully, it's sort of relaxing around here today. It's just me and one of the secretaries, which is a theme repeated in most of the other departments. This means there's not too many people poking their heads in, interrupting me as I balance my checkbook. I am fitting some actual work in between buying CD's off my wishlist (which is ok since I'm pretty much done Christmas shopping). Before I took off on Tuesday, I made a list of things to do for work. I have a couple items left that won't take me too long. The unfortunate part is that…
It's Medicaid, stupid!

The National Association of Governors put out a release on the financial state of states across the U.S. The Associated Press did a story on how states are in the worst financial shape since World War II. Part of that can be attributed to the largest increase in Medicaid costs since 1992. A 13% increase. And people wonder why we get heartburn up here when the local radio talk shows try to blame our county's fiscal woes on something other than Medicaid.
An Open Letter to Rolling Stone

I blatently copied this from Matt's blog, who copied it from Joan Jett's site. The letter was written to Rolling Stone after their "Women In 'Rock'" issue was published. The following letter was not printed by RS' editors:


I tried to find some cleverly worded way to express my disgust with your "Women in Rock" issue, but what i have to say is really quite simple: You guys are completely retarded.

By RS standards, Rock is no longer a style of music but a trendy costume to be whipped up by expensive stylists and slapped onto the latest pop tart barbie doll. Give a girl some tight pants and a spiky bracelet and POOF! She ROCKS!

Your poor choice of cover girls and featured artists brings to mind the Sports Illustrated swimsuit editions. There is nothing necessarily wrong with the breast-baring models inside..but we all understand that they have NOTHING TO DO WITH SPORTS--Which just might be offensive to women w…
Touring the Jail

One part of my job is meeting up with school tours and making sure they get to their correct destinations on time. I occassionally will go on the tour with them, just to hear if they're learning anything useful. The one tour I go on the most is the Jail Tour. We never toured our County Jail when I went through school. I never had a big desire to since my Uncle, who is a Corrections Officer, could tell me everything I never wanted to know about being incarcerated. I guess I get nervous that some prisoner will accost a student or that the class will get stuck in the tunnel that goes underneath the road from the Jail to the County Courthouse. Apparently, a class did get left in the tunnel one time and since the door leading to the tunnel on the Court-side was locked and out of the way, it was quite awhile before someone noticed them.

Today's class was small (seven high school students), but fairly inquisitive. One thing I hate about the tour is the smell.…
What A Weekend! So much to tellyoumumblemum..*snore*

I'm exhausted, but this weekend was worth it. The sleep depravation started to show through yesterday, but more on that in a bit.

Friday: The aforementioned weather got pretty bad. What normally is a 40-minute trip to Erie, PA took 2 hours. Matt kept muttering the whole time, "This is effing stupid," as I cautiously drove my little Toyota (with all-weather tires) down I-86. After grabbing a bite to eat in Erie, the weather cleared up, as did the roads. Smooth sailing from there out, but lots of motorists had "snowflake amnesia" and forgot how to drive, thus ending up in ditches or in collissions with other cars. We got into Cleveland a little after 9pm and had loads of fun at Heidi & Kevin's house with them and Heidi's friend, Sue. The first series of phrases induced by sleepiness started here during a game of Trivial Pursuit. Heidi had her head on the table while I asked her what large ci…
This weather sucks..

It's snowing pretty good outside. It always seems to do this when I want to take a trip. My most infamous battle with weather came in 1999 when I planned on coming home to Rochester to see Sean, who was home on spring break. Wouldn't you know that some three or four feet of snow fell the day I was to drive home from Buffalo. I didn't realize it was that bad until I read a news report about the NYS Thruway being closed. I was going to go the long way around, and then decided against it. That was on a Thursday. I eventually made it home that Monday, but the snow was still piled so high that most two-lane side streets were made one-way by the snow.
What Outsiders Think of Us

This fellow had an unpleasant experience while traveling through our county. Truth be told, I don't blame him for being annoyed. Too bad he hadn't stopped in Jamestown. We have toilets, I promise! Here's his rant:

"Funny story from yesterday: Charlotte and I are desperately trying to get the boring stretch of I-86 behind us, west of Jamestown. We have to make a pit stop, and places to do that are scarce around there. We get off the highway at this place called Findley Lake, a cute little Small Town (tm). So here we are, Charlotte full of coffee and me full of Gatorade (I had a stomach flu the night before, I was rehydrating myself). Literally every business or restaurant we come up to: NO RESTOOM, NO PUBLIC RESTROOM, or a variation on that theme. We’d gone five or six places and they were all the same. Finally we’re driving around, and there’s these two porta-johns sitting next to a gazebo in the town center. So Charlotte and I park and v…
What Happens When The Media Lies or Misconstrues

I'm sure just about every literate-citizen of the U.S.A. heard or read at sometime the criticism of Al Gore for claiming he "invented the Internet." Turns out, the media twisted or left out words at various times when quoting the former-Vice President. This site does a pretty good job at explaining how Al really didn't lie to us. It seriously makes me question the integrity of most of our media outlets. People wonder why I hold our local newspaper/talk show hosts in such disdain. It's lack of research and frequent research like this. There are days you will find me very happy not to be connected to the media. Most other days, I just wish I could be helping turn the tide of mediocrity.
Have All-Weather Tires. Will Travel

Matt and I are headed off on another jaunt this weekend. This visit includes a stop at Heidi & Kevin's house (who are graciously letting us stay overnight) on our way to Columbus, Ohio to see my former-girlfriend, Karen, who is flying in from Washington for the Thanksgiving holidays. While the weekend should be pleasant, the weather may not cooperate as we make our way out of the county/New York State. There is currently (as of 11:21 AM EST) a Winter Weather Advisory that threatens snow accumulations of 1 to 3 inches by evening. Hopefully we'll beat most of the really bad weather but the advisory did say "motorists should be prepared for rapid detrioration in road conditions during the evening rush hour." This part confuses me since I wasn't aware that any part of Chautauqua County actually had a "rush hour." Maybe they confused us with Erie County and we can expect sunshine and fair winds. *looks outside* …
You're Naked Inside Your Fear...

If I ever wondered why I liked the Goo Goo Dolls, last night's concert in Erie, PA made it abundantly clear. I had bought the tickets for the show for Matt's birthday, thinking that it would be cool to see the Goo's finally. I had read in the Buffalo News about their performances and how much they rocked. It was no lie! I knew it would be a good night no matter what since Lisa Loeb was the opener. Jenny would be very pleased to know that Lisa had a stuffed Hello Kitty on a stool on the stage throughout her acoustic performance.

But back to the Goo Goo Dolls, they opened with one of my favourite songs, "Naked." Instant happiness! I knew just about every song they played including some more "obscure" AKA songs off albums before A Boy Named Goo. John Rzeznik had a real rapport with the crowd. He had a familiar personality, was down to earth, and he generally just made me smile. There were several moments of sin…
The (Un)biased Press

Most of us tend to believe that the great Press in America is without bias and is factually reporting daily events. Unfortunately, that's a very optimistic view the the truth is that unbiased reporting is in the minority. Some news organizations would say they are unbiased, but some delving into the matter would prove otherwise. This article details how our media has become more biased and more liable to bend to pressure from the Government.

It's funny, really. One of the reasons I left radio news was to make sure the truth was being put out of our Government offices. I didn't recognize this as one of my reasons at the time, but in my subconcious I really wanted to make sure we were being as truthful as possible. Fortunately, there's not a lot to hide up here. It is difficult at times to not blurt out all the details, especially when there's really good or really bad news involved. The other problem is that the local news media generally…
It's BAM!(bi) Season

I still can't get used to driving to work during shotgun season and seeing a guy casually walking by the road with a shotgun. If I saw that while in Rochester, I would have "put the pedal to the metal" and hoped I wouldn't get caught in the crossfire. Happy Hunting!
Here's to Harry, Again

Matt, me, and a friend will be headed to see Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets late tonight. I'm hoping that since we're attending the latest show that there won't be as many kids there. Not that going to a matinee for Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone last year was a bad experience, but I just don't want to deal with kids who may get scared or cry during the movie. I'm so insensitive. Anyway, tonight's show will be the first time we go to the movies after purchasing tickets on-line. I used to think that was rather silly, but seeing as how shows sell out around here since they only have the movie in one or two theatres for a week sometimes, I decided it made sense. All the reviews I've read of the movie are encouraging and I'm hoping it's as good as I hope since I will be seeing the movie again the night before Thanksgiving with my parents.

Slacking Off A Little

I've taken some short time for the blog to concentrate on work stuff and to also persue other Internet-related items like chatting with friends online. The latter might not seem extraordinary, but I haven't used any of my chat clients in ages. Then I re-downloaded Trillian and I'm back on track. Last night was a great moment since I was chatting with three old friends, in two different cities, all at once. So you'll have to forgive me if I dedicate more time to my friends than to my blog. It's also been a little bit slow here, but I'm sure I'll have better details in a few days.
Bad News on the Kodak Front

Kodak had some pretty bad news today about job cuts in Rochester, NY. These are the kind of cuts and plant closings that will hurt a lot of people. I know people, had not some retired this past year, that would have been affected. I'm still loyal when it comes to Kodak and buying Kodak film/services, but it's tough at times.
Away For the Holiday

Matt and I are headed off to catch some art and hockey this weekend. It begins with the Modigliani exhibit at Albright-Knox in Buffalo, progresses to the early-Christmas gift of a Sabres Hockey game with my Dad, and ends with the Degas exhibit at the Rochester Memorial Art Gallery. I'm sure much merriment will be intertwined with these three events. I'm hoping, since the weather will be nice, to stroll along Elmwood Avenue and peeking in some of the gift shops. I'm also hoping that we might be able to take in a film while in Rochester.. maybe Frida, Punch Drunk Love, or even White Oleander. Of course I wouldn't be opposed to seeing a few friends, but the holidays always seem to take them away to someplace or another. The lure of a mini-holiday in the country (AKA Finger Lakes or Adirondacks for Rochester people, Toronto for Buffalo people) is just too strong I guess. Me? I'll take a mini-holiday away from the country thankyouverymuch. B…

Because sometimes you just have to laugh at your leaders...

"Wait, I'm not a dictator!" you cry! Well lets look at the check list: Unelected? Check! Use wars and xenophobia to boost popularity? Check! Total control of the media so they never say a bad word against you? Check! Kill scores of innocent people to get what you want? Check! Do anything to get your hands on oil? Check! Inhumane treatment of prisoners? Check! Face it, you're a dictator, and no amount of gloss will hide that fact… or the fact you're a borderline retard who looks like a monkey!
What tin-pot dictator are you? Take the "What Dictator am I?" test at

Tipsy-ing Over Election Results

Alcohol really works at deadening the pain along with clouding judgement. Matt fixed me a stiff Gin & Tonic as I monitored election results on, CNN, and various tv stations. The end result was me crying, "Well hell.. McCall is only behind by 600,000 votes with 85% of the precints reporting. We still have a chance!" I think Matt changed the channel at that point to "The Man Show" on Comedy Central where I joined the cheering of "ziggy zaggy ziggy zaggy Oi! Oi! Oi!" and downing my drink. Hey, at least the night ended on a positive note. I think Matt laughed at me a little, but since he was the one that fixed the drink for me I take no responsibility for my actions *wink*
Ugh.. What a Let Down

Well.. I can't say too many races went the way we hoped last night. There's only small comfort in our candidate, Alan Hevesi, getting elected as New York State's new Comptroller. From what I understand, he can be a real weasel. That's life. The other small comfort is that Carl McCall beat Tom Golisano, so that means the Democrats retain their representation in Boards of Elections across the state.

On the national side: my only comfort is that Louise Slaughter, my former House representative in Rochester, won a new term in her new "earmuff" district. Thank god for something! For the latest on that (as of this hour). Check out CNN.
Election Day

Tuesday, November 5th is Election Day. I urge you to get out and vote! Every vote counts and in most races across the U.S. appear to be close. Even here in New York State, we still can't predict for certain who will win the Governor's seat. If Democrats got out and voted Democrat, then Carl McCall would win by a landslide. Crazy stuff when you consider what the polls keep trying to tell us these past couple of months.
Blog On Hold


You get the picture.