Tuesday, November 19, 2002

The (Un)biased Press

Most of us tend to believe that the great Press in America is without bias and is factually reporting daily events. Unfortunately, that's a very optimistic view the the truth is that unbiased reporting is in the minority. Some news organizations would say they are unbiased, but some delving into the matter would prove otherwise. This article details how our media has become more biased and more liable to bend to pressure from the Government.

It's funny, really. One of the reasons I left radio news was to make sure the truth was being put out of our Government offices. I didn't recognize this as one of my reasons at the time, but in my subconcious I really wanted to make sure we were being as truthful as possible. Fortunately, there's not a lot to hide up here. It is difficult at times to not blurt out all the details, especially when there's really good or really bad news involved. The other problem is that the local news media generally can't be trusted with any information given "off the record." Maybe one or two people could be trusted not to print or air some asides, but even then I get leary.

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