Friday, November 29, 2002

Post-Thanksgiving Report

While a good chunk of the U-S-of-A is out being crazed consumerists, I'm using more of their tax money today at work. I'm doing that simply by being at work. Of course, if I took the day off I would still be using their tax money. Either way, the public pays for me to sit here at my desk today, wishing I was home in bed. Or something else more preferable to being at my desk. Truthfully, it's sort of relaxing around here today. It's just me and one of the secretaries, which is a theme repeated in most of the other departments. This means there's not too many people poking their heads in, interrupting me as I balance my checkbook. I am fitting some actual work in between buying CD's off my wishlist (which is ok since I'm pretty much done Christmas shopping). Before I took off on Tuesday, I made a list of things to do for work. I have a couple items left that won't take me too long. The unfortunate part is that next week will be crazy since everything I couldn't do this week (because people took the week off for the holidays or hunting) will need to get done next week. Ah well.

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