Friday, November 22, 2002

Have All-Weather Tires. Will Travel

Matt and I are headed off on another jaunt this weekend. This visit includes a stop at Heidi & Kevin's house (who are graciously letting us stay overnight) on our way to Columbus, Ohio to see my former-girlfriend, Karen, who is flying in from Washington for the Thanksgiving holidays. While the weekend should be pleasant, the weather may not cooperate as we make our way out of the county/New York State. There is currently (as of 11:21 AM EST) a Winter Weather Advisory that threatens snow accumulations of 1 to 3 inches by evening. Hopefully we'll beat most of the really bad weather but the advisory did say "motorists should be prepared for rapid detrioration in road conditions during the evening rush hour." This part confuses me since I wasn't aware that any part of Chautauqua County actually had a "rush hour." Maybe they confused us with Erie County and we can expect sunshine and fair winds. *looks outside* On the otherhand, it has been raining since before I woke up this morning. I know I have all-weather tires on my car. Here's to hoping Matt does as well since we're driving his car this weekend.

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