Friday, November 29, 2002

The brief Thanksgiving Holiday

Driving home wasn't too bad on Tuesday. I didn't hit real snow until I was 10 minutes from my parent's house. They were a little surprised to see me there so early (an hour early), but it was all good. The weather, on the otherhand, was not. Fat, wet flakes of snow proceeded to blanket the county, making driving for the uninitiated pretty treacherous. I did manage to convince Sean and Anne to get coffee with me. I drove. It was a nice time. We found a cozy corner at Java's and mulled over various things. I think the weather had us a little edgy, so we went home "early" (AKA before midnight).

Wednesday, I took my mom to breakfast at the Parkside Diner. I hadn't had a plateful of heart attack goodness in a little bit. There were lots of guys there. I'm thinking they were either public works-types or landscaping or construction or something labour-ish types. Some really good looking ones too. Must be age, since the older I get, the guys who are most handy seem to get more attractive. I like a man who can wield a hammer I guess. I think I've watched too much Trading Spaces lately. Later, I met up with Mike and Londa for lunch at a Jewish deli/restaurant called Fox's. I had wonderful matzo ball soup, potato latkes, and chocolate coke (coke with Hershey's syrup mixed in). I couldn't finish the latkes. All very good! We then hung out at their apartment a little bit before driving out to Pittsford to browse around Barnes & Nobles. Lots of good looking men! Must be something about Matt not being with me on the trip. I think his shear height and awesome looks scares away any men who might be thinking about walking anywhere near us. Not that I'm a super-model or anything near it, but it's nice to have guys check you out occassionally. Wednesday night my parents and I saw Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. They enjoyed it, so I was happy about that.

Thanksgiving was a sort of whirlwind. I got up, had a quick breakfast of scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam and tea (of course), and started dinner preparations. Before you get surprised and think I cooked, my job is setting the table and doing miscellaneous straightening around the house. After I messed up the mashed potatoes one Thanksgiving, my mom didn't bother me to cook anything. Let's just say I followed the directions explicitely for cooking the potatoes, but didn't realize you could cook them longer than stated if they were still hard. I tried mashing very solid potatoes until my mom noticed and yelled at me. Needless to say, I was reduced to tears at my ineptness. This was only a couple years ago. So much for cooking!. A big tradition for me is watching the Macy's Day parade. The kid in me emerged as I cheered at the start of the parade. Something about it just makes me all misty-eyed. Ahhh.. good times! The food was very good and plentiful. Turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing (which I had none), kapusta (AKA sauerkraut), corn, asparagus (I hate the pointy-ends but I ate them anyways), lots of mashed potatoes (made by my Aunt Margie), homemade apple sauce, rolls (which are really meant for later when we make sandwiches), pecan pie, pumpkin pie (my absolute favourite!!!!!), lemon merengue pie, and some good wine. Very stuffed! We did take a walk in the brisk, cold air later on to put off falling asleep. I left soon after since I was taking the "long way home" (taking Route 390 to Route 36 to I-86 instead of the New York State thruway). The weather sucked hard in Chautauqua County and I wasn't going to risk it. Plus, I knew there were more places to stop on the long way back. I didn't see much snow, and only a dusting if that on the roads. Took me over 3 hours (since I was going below the speed limits at times), but I'm safe and sound. Another thing to be thankful for!

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