Monday, November 25, 2002

What A Weekend! So much to tellyoumumblemum..*snore*

I'm exhausted, but this weekend was worth it. The sleep depravation started to show through yesterday, but more on that in a bit.

Friday: The aforementioned weather got pretty bad. What normally is a 40-minute trip to Erie, PA took 2 hours. Matt kept muttering the whole time, "This is effing stupid," as I cautiously drove my little Toyota (with all-weather tires) down I-86. After grabbing a bite to eat in Erie, the weather cleared up, as did the roads. Smooth sailing from there out, but lots of motorists had "snowflake amnesia" and forgot how to drive, thus ending up in ditches or in collissions with other cars. We got into Cleveland a little after 9pm and had loads of fun at Heidi & Kevin's house with them and Heidi's friend, Sue. The first series of phrases induced by sleepiness started here during a game of Trivial Pursuit. Heidi had her head on the table while I asked her what large city was at the mouth of the Yangtze River. She kept asking me to repeat the question ie: "What river?.. What was the first part of the question.. etc". At one point I said, "What country isn't in China?" when trying to think of what cities weren't in China. We all went to bed soon after.

Saturday: After coffee, cinnamon rolls, and chatter, we took off for Columbus, OH. The drive was fine since the weather was much nicer. We found our motel no problem. Advice: never stay at the Econo Lodge in Columbus, OH unless you really need to. They shorted us on towels and the staff were no where to be found when we tried to remedy this problem. The staff was also barely coherant when it came to speaking English. The place was noisy and I just didn't sleep well there. That's life. But anyway! We met up with Kevin & Mickey around 6pm and got dinner at Chipotle's. We went straight to the airport to get Karen, whose flight was going to be in a little early. After chatting at various locales about where we were headed to, we ended up at Club 202. Much drinking, tweaking (I'll leave it up to your imagination), a little dancing, general hilarity, and some drama ensued. The gathering broke up sometime after 2 AM. Unbeknownst to us, riots had been going on for at least an hour in Columbus. Matt and I didn't find out until Sunday night on our way home.

Sunday: Everyone managed to pull themselves out of bed and go to Einstein Bros. for brunch. Incidentally, I have a problem with the fact that there's an Einstein Bros' in Potsdam, NY, but none in Jamestown. I could say the same thing about a lot of places though (like Target, Bruegger's Bagels, Lowes, SteinMart, Pier 1, Body Shop, Barnes & Nobles, etc). Brunch began my sleep-deprived moments of speech. I mistakenly referred to the "Tragedy of 7-11" instead of 9-11 and made up some sort of form of speech that only Mickey could understand. I really don't remember and the sad part is that I only had one drink on Saturday night. I blame lack of sleep. Good, good times though! I was super happy to see Karen, Kevin, Mickey, and everyone again, and aside from some bad weather/bad motel/alcohol induced drama, it was a lot of fun. Matt and I are going to have to find time/money to fly out to Seattle sometime so we can see Karen again.

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