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Goonies Never Say Die!

Everyone needs to head on over to Jamestown Lawyer's blog and leave him a comment telling him that quitting is unacceptable in the local blogosphere.

I'd say we're all a fairly tolerant bunch, and if J.L. can't update his blog daily, weekly, or even monthly, we'll all understand. He just better not forget our birthday, and if he does, then we'll accept flowers as an apology.

I'm hoping that maybe J.L. will metamorphose into another kind of blog. You never know what he might have up his sleeve.

People Like Me! They Really Like Me!

Thank you Galoot for providing me an outlet for all the nervous, caffeine-fueled energy I've accumulated today.

List 5 things that certain people (who are not deserving of being your friend anyway) may consider to be “totally lame,” but you are, despite the possible stigma, totally proud of. Own it. Tag 5 others.

1. I love bad pop music. Given my alt rock "pedigree," you'd think I'd find it totally unacceptable to listen to any kind of pop music. Wrong! I think Justin Timberlake's latest album is fabulous! I love Debbie Gibson! Give me some old school Backstreet Boys and N'Sync! Play some Rihanna! I also have no shame in inflicting songs by these artists on all my friends. God bless YouTube!

2. I sometimes get obsessed with children's programming like The Teletubbies. Back in 1998-2000, I was a huge Teletubbies fan. Something about that damn theme song. When I left WJTN, all my co-workers signed a Teletubbies coloring book rather than a card.


The Size Of It

For those of you who haven't met me in person, I'm what some like call "vertically challenged." Being 5'2 with the occasionally petite frame can make buying clothes off the rack that don't need to be altered a challenge. It's the kind of challenge that makes me despise shopping just a little.

The heavens parted a little on Sunday and the rays of proper pant lengths shone down on me in the form of The Gap. I went in not expecting to find anything, but then I discovered that The Gap now has "ankle length" pants. A very helpful sales associate pulled several styles of pants for me to try on, in a size smaller than what I have been wearing. They all fit. To say I was jubilant is an understatement. I even overheard another sales associate say to Matt, "Wow! She's really excited!"

The pants fit so well that I might, for the first time ever, even feel confident about ordering additional styles online!

Now I just need to get over the…

Office Spirits

It's the middle of the work day, but I had to blog this. The shredder in our office just turned on all by itself. Of course, there are no witnesses to this except me. But you have to physically push a switch to turn on the shredder. It wasn't set to automatic-shred before hand, either.

Guess some spirit decided I needed to be woken up a little.

Thou Shalt Not Be a Halloween Scrooge

After my mom verbally chastised me, I've reneged on my plan to hide in a coffee house during trick-or-treating hours on Halloween.

Halloween was my absolute favorite holiday when I was a kid. It was the idea that maybe magic really did exist, if just for one day. That with a simple change of clothes, we could be something entirely different. I remember feeling a sense of power and confidence anytime I donned my witch costume. I didn't go for the scary look. It was more just being completely swathed in black, a black cape, a pointy hat, and some weird jewelry. It was fun!

So the pumpkin patch will just have to wait for me this coming Wednesday night. I will be at my house, with my pumpkin, and a lot of candy. Come to the front door.

Live Blogging on WBNY

7:45am: I'm hanging out at WBNY waiting to do my 2 hour shift and thought I'd say hello to you all! WBNY's website has the link if you want to listen online, or just refer to the post below for the direct link.

I'm going to start off with a cover from Tori Amos, but nothing sleepy. Andrew Katsinis, who is leading into my hour, is playing way too much upbeat fun stuff.

Don't forget! English Beat tonight at 8pm at Rockwell Hall!

8:20am: CD player 1 didn't fire from the board, but that's okay because the song is playing!! Reel Big Fish on right now. If you get a chance, and can find it, they do an awesome acoustic version of "Take On Me." I think WBER has it on the air from time to time.

8:24am: Damn CD PLAYERS!! LOL I'll get the hang of it by 9:55am

8:40am: A little gender bending with Phranc happening. Hey, didja know that if you come down to the Buffalo State College Barnes & Noble that you can buy a 25th Anniversary t-shirt? They're pretty…

It's Time for the New Media Conference in Buffalo!

I will be in Buffalo this weekend for the New Media Conference at Buffalo State College. See the WBNY Alumni website for the full schedule, including the alumni line-up on WBNY. I will be on the air from 8-10am tomorrow (Saturday) spinning a selection of cover tunes. You can tune in online if you're outside the listening area (which most of the world is) by clicking here

Even if you're not a Buffalo State alumni, I encourage you to drop by to hear some interesting seminars about media issues. Plus, Tom Calderone is now our featured speaker this afternoon since Judith Regan canceled due to illness. Tom is not only an alumnus, but he's also the VP of VH-1. It's all good!

Conference presentations kick off at 2:30 this afternoon in the Bulger Communications Center with Buffalo State alumnus, Ralph Cipolla, a programming consultant for Jacobs Media out of Southfield, MI. He will share results from the Jacobs Media's Technology Web Poll III, the largest study of its…

Dr. Phil of Tourism or: How I Stopped Resisting Mass Culture and Started Loving Lucy

Over the past 8 years, I’ve sat through numerous meetings, attended several seminars, read local viewpoints in papers and online; and listened to opinions about what our community, and county, needs to do to attract visitors to this area.

In September, I had the good fortune of being able to attend a seminar by Roger Brooks where he presented his Tourism Assessment for Chautauqua County. Brooks is a consultant that was hired by the Chautauqua County Visitor’s Bureau, as an outsider, to come to our county, cities, towns, and villages and see what we were doing right and wrong from a visitor’s standpoint. He and his company have a proven track record for helping areas put into place successful marketing plans to get more visitors. Brooks also reminded me of Dr. Phil with the way he presented the results of his assessment. Some of it was hard news, but you felt like everything could be okay if you just took his advice.

When it came to Jamestown, Brooks had some observations that were u…

Weather With You

If the rain holds tomorrow, we're hoping to head out to the Peek'n Peak Fall Fest with my parents, who will be visiting this weekend for my birthday.

If the weather decides that it really is Fall and brings on the wind and rain, then this list of stuff will keep us happily occupied:
Crossroads Country Craft Market
Johnson Estate Winery
Vetter Vineyards

To cap it off, I will once again get to enjoy Paula Dean's "Not Yo'Mama's Banana Cream Puddin'!" thanks to my mom, the original Polish Martha Stewart.

Inspiring Art

I attended the official unveiling of a new art project in downtown Jamestown this afternoon. It's one of the cooler things happening in regards to an existing building in the Central Business District. Vacant store fronts are a problem in our city, and one of those include a building on the corner of Third & Washington Streets. Fortunately, this art project will at least beautify the building until a permanent tenant can be found. Plus, the talent of the kids who created the art is pretty impressive.

The Arts Council for Chautauqua Co. and the Jamestown Public Art Steering Committee is pleased to announce the unveiling of its first public art project in Jamestown.

The art, created by Aspire of Western New York's iXpress Art Program, is comprised of eight painted Plexiglas panels and nine panels of word art derived and imaginatively interpreted from Jamestown's assets as identified in the Urban Design Plan. The paintings feature visual representations of the city, the…

Deer Season

The lead story on our local cable news station last night was about how it was Autumn and that meant an increase in car accidents involving deer. While I mused over the merits of this getting the lead over other stories in the line-up, I shared the car-deer story with Matt. That led to the following (warning: language ahead):

Anchor/Mark: Thank you for joining us on this Tuesday, October 16th. We begin tonight with an investigative report from Local News Reporter Sewer VanLair. We now go to Sewer live in the field, Sewer?

Reporter/Sewer: Yes Mark. It's Autumn and state officials say that means an increase in car accidents involving deer. As you can see Mark, I just hit a fucking deer with the news jeep. CHRIST! Not even my deer whistles worked! Oh yeah! It would have been great to have known BEFORE this story that experts have determined that deer whistles don't work, but NOOOooooOO, I had to go and believe you guys that I'd be okay with taking the back roads of St…

25 Years Ago Today...

On this date in 1982, WBNY went on the air at Buffalo State College.

In honor of this milestone, a New Media Conference will be held at Buff State October 25-28, 2007.

Weekend events include a concert by The English Beat on Saturday, Oct. 27 at 8 p.m. The first concert WBNY sponsored was The English Beat in April of 1983. An unknown band from Georgia called R.E.M. opened the show. This time local favorite Lazlo Hollyfeld will be the opening band.

More information about the weekend, and how to sign-up, is available at WBNY Alumni site.

Note: Judith Regan has canceled her appearance at the New Media Weekend
forum due to illness. VH-1 Vice President Tom Calderone will be appearing instead.

Related News Articles:
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Art Voice: WBNY New Media Weekend


There was a lot of heart-clutching, superstition-invoking, hair pulling last night during the third period and overtime of the Sabres-Leafs game (Recap on BfloBlog).

We watched most of the game from the Good Time Saloon while celebrating our friend Dan's birthday with a few drinks. I honestly wasn't feeling too positive about the potential outcome of the game, especially since Jocelyn Thibault was in the net for his first Sabres game. Goal-tending was more my concern than scoring opportunities. I actually wasn't concerned about our ability to convert power plays. That's a first for this Sabres fan!

As the minutes of the third period ticked down and the score steadily went up for both teams, I took on the role of our King-Of-Superstitions friend and Red Sox Fan, Kevin, by yelling at Matt to not turn his back on the television lest he be the cause again of a Leaf's goal. Then, great relief and shouting as we watched one of the Leafs knock the puck into his own goa…

The Sweet Stuff Is Inside

This is the conversation I imagine would take place once Matt gets a load of this.

Matt: OMG! Did you see that?? Did you?
Julia: Yes, of course. It was on Neatorama.
Matt: We GOTTA get one of those! Seriously! How cool is that!
Julia: Um..
Matt: He would even match our kitchen with that little bit of green on his chest plate and helmet!
Julia: But the paint looks like it's all nicked up..
Matt: But that's what makes it authentic! It's Boba Fett!
Julia: Oh cripes.

Lucy In Demand

As I scoured the net for news items today, I came across a story about a Smithsonian curator's quest for pop-culture artifacts for the museum. One of items on his wish list was the Vitameatavegamin bottle from the I Love Lucy show. The article stated that a replica of the bottle is at the Lucy-Desi Museum in Jamestown, NY.

I called over to Matt, who was refreshing his morning cup of coffee, to tell him about the story. He listened carefully and when I got to the part about the Lucy artifact he yelled, "Those fuckers can't have it!"

"Can I quote you on that?" I asked.

I love Sundays.

Hello.. Is It Me You're Looking For?

When "Hello" by Lionel Richie came out in the 1980s, we all loved the song for about 3 minutes. And when we saw the video, thousands of girls sighed over the blind lady who was able to mold an exact replica of Lionel's head out of clay just by listening to his voice. Of course, it was a little creepy that he plays a teacher and she a student in the video.

A group of artists decided to try that experiment themselves, blindfolded:
The Hello Experiment

The music video:

HT Neatorama

A Number of Things

Where has this week gone?

So you think a house built on a hill won't flood?: Wednesday night was spent monitoring rising water levels in our basement, even though our house is at the top of a hill. A 45-minute visit from the plumbers found that tree roots are the evil culprits where our clogged line was concerned. The two dehumidifiers we inherited from my parents and grandmother have been running non-stop since then.

Elections of a Musical Variety: Of the two people in our house, I'm the least likely candidate to be up for any kind of election. However, after being one of several nominated to serve on the Warren Civic Orchestra Board of Directors last week, elections were in order. Initially, there were more nominations than vacancies, so Matt teased me about whether I had my palm cards together and how the push-polls had gone. We joked about creating lawn signs that said, "It's time to do what's right!" In the end, two people withdrew their nominations…

R.I.P. - Anthony Teresi

Our county lost a great public servant this morning. Tony Teresi passed away following an illness. I don't have the complete list of everything he had done during his lifetime, but I know he was a County Legislator for several years, a member of the Parks Commission, a member of the Airport Commission, a World War II vet and a Marine; a Grandfather, Father, and Husband.

I was lucky enough to work with Tony when I was a county employee and get to know him on a more personal basis. Matt and I knew that if we ever wanted homegrown tomatoes that Tony would set aside a few for us from his garden. He was reserved and didn't like to speak up that often, but when he did he always had something good to say.

We'll miss you Tony.


Jamestown Post Journal: Anthony Teresi Dead At 84

Visiting Hours - 2-4 and 7-9, Thursday, October 11th at the Migliore Funeral Home on East Fourth Street, Jamestown, NY

Funeral - 10 AM, Friday, October 12th at St. James Church, Jamestown, NY


I decided to forgo watching the season-opener for the Sabres tonight and, instead, went to Labyrinth Press Company to hear some live music. Turns out I made the right decision based on what I just read on the BfloBlog open thread. At least I have no delusions going into this season and will be happy if we make the play-offs.

Labyrinth turned out to be a very cool time. I spent several hours chatting with Tara of "Artist Share" and acoustic guitar performer fame. It's good to see that the younger hipsters have adopted the coffee house as a hang out. Even if Tara hadn't been there, I wouldn't have needed my journal to keep me occupied. The self-conscious, yet devil-may-care conversations and antics around me would have provided plenty of entertainment. Entertainment is a word I use loosely. I've always felt more like an observer, even when I was that age. Just taking in the world around me with an element of mirth and awe.

Helping Others Tune Up

Last night, a friend of mine accosted me as I left WRFA and informed me that she wanted me to give her violin lessons so she can brush up on her skills. I was taken off guard a little by the proposition, but offering violin lessons has been something floating around in my mind for a little while.

My main obstacles to going through with it was the fact that I don't have a lot of free time and I wasn't too keen about the idea of being inundated with little kids and their quarter-size violins. However, the idea of giving "brush-up" violin lessons to adults has appeal.

I frequently run into people who played an instrument in school, but haven't touched it since they tossed their graduation hat in the air. I wouldn't say I'm the most studious violinist and lover of classical music. Anyone who regularly reads my blog knows my music taste runs toward the alternative/indie rock segment of the industry. I practice my "craft" but I'm not fanatic …

Kick Out Style, Bring Back The Jam

After the Local Music Showcase in September, Matt and I agreed to make a conscious effort to get out to hear more local music. This is a very busy time of year for him, and for me as well at times, but we did get to hear the following acts last month post-LMS:
- GAHU Drum Ensemble
- Tara Lamont Eastman
- The Audience
- London Vs. New York
- The Low Budgets
- Everything Ends

This week we're going to suck it up on a work night, and try to get to Mojo's tomorrow night for the AcousDicks at Mojo's. Salamone tells me they start at 10pm. Also, on Friday night, Unicorns and Mustaches and Vujada will be playing at Labyrinth Press Company at 9pm.