Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Kick Out Style, Bring Back The Jam

After the Local Music Showcase in September, Matt and I agreed to make a conscious effort to get out to hear more local music. This is a very busy time of year for him, and for me as well at times, but we did get to hear the following acts last month post-LMS:
- GAHU Drum Ensemble
- Tara Lamont Eastman
- The Audience
- London Vs. New York
- The Low Budgets
- Everything Ends

This week we're going to suck it up on a work night, and try to get to Mojo's tomorrow night for the AcousDicks at Mojo's. Salamone tells me they start at 10pm. Also, on Friday night, Unicorns and Mustaches and Vujada will be playing at Labyrinth Press Company at 9pm.

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NickDean said...

Lucky ducks! So many good shows going on... I'd like to see Salamone and U&M, but I'll be at Forte tonight, tomorrow and Saturday. Let me know how the shows go!

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