Friday, October 26, 2007

It's Time for the New Media Conference in Buffalo!

I will be in Buffalo this weekend for the New Media Conference at Buffalo State College. See the WBNY Alumni website for the full schedule, including the alumni line-up on WBNY. I will be on the air from 8-10am tomorrow (Saturday) spinning a selection of cover tunes. You can tune in online if you're outside the listening area (which most of the world is) by clicking here

Even if you're not a Buffalo State alumni, I encourage you to drop by to hear some interesting seminars about media issues. Plus, Tom Calderone is now our featured speaker this afternoon since Judith Regan canceled due to illness. Tom is not only an alumnus, but he's also the VP of VH-1. It's all good!

Conference presentations kick off at 2:30 this afternoon in the Bulger Communications Center with Buffalo State alumnus, Ralph Cipolla, a programming consultant for Jacobs Media out of Southfield, MI. He will share results from the Jacobs Media's Technology Web Poll III, the largest study of its kind. This poll reveals the new media trends, habits, preferences, and impact on radio listening from a collection of over 25,000 respondents.

The conference is mostly free aside from an alumni reception tonight (mere $20), the English Beat concert tomorrow night ($20), and the brunch at Cole's on Sunday (order off the menu). You can register at the door for any event.

Sidenote: If you live in Jamestown, you should cancel all other plans for this weekend and go see The Night at the Living Reg on Saturday at the Reg Lenna Civic Center. This concert features Buffalo's Juliet Dagger, Agent Me, and The Audience. Tickets are only $10. After the concert, head over to the Reg Studio Theatre for an 11pm performance of The Unexpected Guests. If you go to the concert, the UG show will only cost you $3. Then, if you're drinking age, I'd recommend a few beverages over at Forte. Go out! Have fun! And don't complain that there's nothing cool to do in downtown Jamestown! See you all on Monday!

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