Friday, October 12, 2007

A Number of Things

Where has this week gone?

So you think a house built on a hill won't flood?: Wednesday night was spent monitoring rising water levels in our basement, even though our house is at the top of a hill. A 45-minute visit from the plumbers found that tree roots are the evil culprits where our clogged line was concerned. The two dehumidifiers we inherited from my parents and grandmother have been running non-stop since then.

Elections of a Musical Variety: Of the two people in our house, I'm the least likely candidate to be up for any kind of election. However, after being one of several nominated to serve on the Warren Civic Orchestra Board of Directors last week, elections were in order. Initially, there were more nominations than vacancies, so Matt teased me about whether I had my palm cards together and how the push-polls had gone. We joked about creating lawn signs that said, "It's time to do what's right!" In the end, two people withdrew their nominations and I ended up on the Board by default. I said it was the result of pollings that led the other two people to drop out of the race.

Defense of Mope: I had to speak loudly in defense of Morrissey last night at Forte. I can understand that people just don't get him. Morrissey's style is a bit of an acquired taste. Fortunately for me, there were some Johnny Marr and Smiths fans about and a couple singles by The Smiths were played for our listening enjoyment. That was the most amount of The Smiths I've ever heard played in a public arena in Jamestown, ever. It was a good night.

Saying Good-Bye to Tony: We were joined by many community members and friends in saying good bye to Tony Teresi today. It was a solemn ceremony, but very fitting for a man who did a lot of great things but disliked the limelight. Our thoughts continue to be with the Teresi family.

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NickDean said...

RE: The Smiths and Morrissey's mopery...

This article was on PitchforkMedia a while ago. It's a pretty interesting read.

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