Saturday, October 27, 2007

Live Blogging on WBNY

7:45am: I'm hanging out at WBNY waiting to do my 2 hour shift and thought I'd say hello to you all! WBNY's website has the link if you want to listen online, or just refer to the post below for the direct link.

I'm going to start off with a cover from Tori Amos, but nothing sleepy. Andrew Katsinis, who is leading into my hour, is playing way too much upbeat fun stuff.

Don't forget! English Beat tonight at 8pm at Rockwell Hall!

8:20am: CD player 1 didn't fire from the board, but that's okay because the song is playing!! Reel Big Fish on right now. If you get a chance, and can find it, they do an awesome acoustic version of "Take On Me." I think WBER has it on the air from time to time.

8:24am: Damn CD PLAYERS!! LOL I'll get the hang of it by 9:55am

8:40am: A little gender bending with Phranc happening. Hey, didja know that if you come down to the Buffalo State College Barnes & Noble that you can buy a 25th Anniversary t-shirt? They're pretty cool looking. Go to the WBNY Alumni site for pictures and more details about the 25th Anniversary Weekend.

8:53am: Rita Rich is in studio with me!!! She just showed me today's Buffalo News and there's an article about our main media panel from yesterday.

9:05am: It cracks me up that some of the same Public Service Announcements that were around in 1997-99 are still available to play on the air. The funny thing about it is that someone took the time to upload the old cart into the digital system. Ahhh... technology.

9:20am: It's a little sleepy going with this Radiohead cover set, but after my upcoming mic break we're gonna wake up everyone with some New Found Glory. Discussion about WBNY and academics is currently happening off air. Something about taking over the world.

9:31am: What is this radio thing, anyway? Kidding! I think it's probably a good thing my news is pre-recorded on WRFA. By the way, did you know you could hear local Jamestown news at 6, 7, 8, and 9am every week day on WRFA? No? Tune in sometime! Back to crazy covers on WBNY for now.

9:45am: If you're listening, you're getting a little Ani Difranco backed by the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra right now. Talk about fitting in my local music requirement! After being Program Director for WBNY in 1998-99, following the "hot clock" never quite leaves you. Stay tuned for Rita Rich at 10am. Seminars for the New Media weekend start at 12:30 and English Beat is tonight at 8pm

10am: WOO! That was fun even with all the flubs and technology mishaps. Hope you enjoyed the live blog (even if you weren't listening). I'm off until I'm back in Jamestown again!

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