Monday, October 29, 2007

Thou Shalt Not Be a Halloween Scrooge

After my mom verbally chastised me, I've reneged on my plan to hide in a coffee house during trick-or-treating hours on Halloween.

Halloween was my absolute favorite holiday when I was a kid. It was the idea that maybe magic really did exist, if just for one day. That with a simple change of clothes, we could be something entirely different. I remember feeling a sense of power and confidence anytime I donned my witch costume. I didn't go for the scary look. It was more just being completely swathed in black, a black cape, a pointy hat, and some weird jewelry. It was fun!

So the pumpkin patch will just have to wait for me this coming Wednesday night. I will be at my house, with my pumpkin, and a lot of candy. Come to the front door.


gasaholic said...

Dress as a witch again, but this time, ask the little kiddies in to check to see if the pilot light on your oven is working.....BWAHAHAHA! ;-)

Mr. Social said...

Don't be a Halloweiner!

battlemaiden said...

I'll be at band practice, then I'll be hiding out in a coffee house. :)

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