Tuesday, October 16, 2007


There was a lot of heart-clutching, superstition-invoking, hair pulling last night during the third period and overtime of the Sabres-Leafs game (Recap on BfloBlog).

We watched most of the game from the Good Time Saloon while celebrating our friend Dan's birthday with a few drinks. I honestly wasn't feeling too positive about the potential outcome of the game, especially since Jocelyn Thibault was in the net for his first Sabres game. Goal-tending was more my concern than scoring opportunities. I actually wasn't concerned about our ability to convert power plays. That's a first for this Sabres fan!

As the minutes of the third period ticked down and the score steadily went up for both teams, I took on the role of our King-Of-Superstitions friend and Red Sox Fan, Kevin, by yelling at Matt to not turn his back on the television lest he be the cause again of a Leaf's goal. Then, great relief and shouting as we watched one of the Leafs knock the puck into his own goal with 3-seconds left in overtime.

As we drove home, Matt said, "You're thinking that this wipes out what Rory did, and I'm not talking about the time the puck was at his feet in the game against the Hurricanes."

"I tried to forget that Rory had any part of that goal in the season-ending game against the Leafs back in 2004. But yeah... that goal ABSOLUTELY redeems him," I answered.

"Would've been better if Tucker had been the one to put the goal in his own net," Matt said.

"No doubt," I replied and then proceeded to call Darcy Tucker something that rhymed with his name.

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