Saturday, October 06, 2007


I decided to forgo watching the season-opener for the Sabres tonight and, instead, went to Labyrinth Press Company to hear some live music. Turns out I made the right decision based on what I just read on the BfloBlog open thread. At least I have no delusions going into this season and will be happy if we make the play-offs.

Labyrinth turned out to be a very cool time. I spent several hours chatting with Tara of "Artist Share" and acoustic guitar performer fame. It's good to see that the younger hipsters have adopted the coffee house as a hang out. Even if Tara hadn't been there, I wouldn't have needed my journal to keep me occupied. The self-conscious, yet devil-may-care conversations and antics around me would have provided plenty of entertainment. Entertainment is a word I use loosely. I've always felt more like an observer, even when I was that age. Just taking in the world around me with an element of mirth and awe.

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-R- said...

It sounds like it was an interesting time at the coffee shop.

I have only been to one NFL game in my whole life, and I was 10 years old. I really need to go again!

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