Monday, October 15, 2007

The Sweet Stuff Is Inside

This is the conversation I imagine would take place once Matt gets a load of this.

Matt: OMG! Did you see that?? Did you?
Julia: Yes, of course. It was on Neatorama.
Matt: We GOTTA get one of those! Seriously! How cool is that!
Julia: Um..
Matt: He would even match our kitchen with that little bit of green on his chest plate and helmet!
Julia: But the paint looks like it's all nicked up..
Matt: But that's what makes it authentic! It's Boba Fett!
Julia: Oh cripes.


gasaholic said...

Oohhh! it even has Wookie pelt braids. Very cool!

Galoot said...

Are you guys talking about a Boba Fett figurine? I haven't even looked at the link yet. Hold on.

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