Sunday, June 30, 2002

Ahhh.. Sunday

I don't have much to say. Washed some dishes. Very good thing. Had ran out of cups to drink juice out of. Yuck. Put the coffee maker through its paces with some de-liming/de-oiling/cleaning solution. Now the filter looks normal. Hoorah!

Going to go to brunch with Matt's parents now. Ta.

Friday, June 28, 2002

The Death of Internet Radio

Go here to read about the end of Internet Radio as we know it. Incidentally, I've heard about this station via a newslist I'm on for Time No Reason, a band I used to have in rotation on WBWC at Baldwin-Wallace College. I have to read about this more, but I believe this law/act/piece of shit doesn't affect non-commercial stations that are broadcasting online, so hopefully WBER can continue to grace the Internet with their alternative music. Ditto for the numerous public radio stations out there that do that NPR thing as well.

It's In the Mail

The word is that our computer should arrive today. Matt checked our tracking number and it was on its way to Jamestown. I'll be pretty happy about that since I've received two cds from the Sassy Sisterhood CD Swap and I feel lame for not being able to send mine out yet. I just hope my selections of female artists are as fun to listen to as the cds I've received. Incidentally, can anyone comment on a good cd burning program? I've used the one that's bundled with RealOne Player, but would like to upgrade so there's not this 2 seconds of "dead air" between songs and the songs are all equalized so that you don't go from a low recording to a high recording, thus blasting your ears out. I'm not real technologically savvy but I can work my way around stuff. Comments? Anyone? Anyone?

Don't Eat the Fat Free!

Just a kind word of advice. The fat free Friendship Nonfat Cottage Cheese tastes nothing like cottage cheese aside from the texture. I'd liken the taste to the stick of a pudding pop. It tastes woody. Ick.

Come get your fortune read!

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Thursday, June 27, 2002

I'll Trade some Spaces With You Baby

Thanks to Jessica for the link to tv's hottest carpenters. Amy and Ty make it all worthwhile. They will be mine. Oh yes, they will be mine. *slaps self* Ok. Anyway. I guess I must have a thing for guys that are lean with dirty blond hair (sorry Matt). It's like that small glasses fetish of mine. I think glasses are soooo sexy! Matt thinks it's funny that I get that stupid grin on my face whenever the sports director is on our local cable station. It doesn't help that we hang out with him sometimes since it gives Matt even more material to make fun of me. Geez. It's not like I'm going to take off on him or anything *rolls eyes* *laughs* And what's with Entertainment Weekly's url? Ewww.

Children's Books, Children's CDs

Many thanks to Shep for providing a link to a list of children's books one of his friends plans to write some day. You have to scroll down to the 5/27/02 entry to read it. It put a smile on my face and immediately reminded me of the books with titles like "Everyone Farts." I guess they're semi-considered artistic since you can buy them in the gift store at Albright-Knox Art Museum in Buffalo.

A piece of good news: the new album by They Might Be Giants, No!, is number one of the children's music charts. I think that's sooo cool. Of course I own the album. I'm thinking of getting it for one of my friends who just had a kid since I know she won't tolerate Barney the Purple Dinosaur (I don't know why parents allow that stuff in their house!).

I Pledge Allegiance..

Oh boy. Here's a topic that's hot, so naturally I'm going to jump on that bandwagon (is that like jumping shark?). My opinion on all of this is that it's rediculous to ban the pledge. I think they should have amended it. I've never been hot on all this "god" stuff, much less the "one nation under god." So take it out. *nods* As I mentioned in comments on Matt's blog, it wasn't in the original that was written by a Mount Morris, NY. It was added in the 1950s, which makes me wonder if it coincided with the period of McCarthyism. I wish I could find the article that was in Smithsonian magazine awhile ago that went into some depth the history of the pledge. Interesting stuff. One tidbit: the pledge originally included a salute that was similar to a Nazi-salute, so people stopped doing it after WWII. A couple schools in the south or midwest continued to do the salute for awhile until they were chastised (or ordered not to do so.. can't remember). Oh, bit of irony: even though I'm not all into god, I used to lead my high school in the pledge during announcements nearly every morning of my senior year. I think that's where the announcement advisor made some sort of observance that it's more correct to say " nation under god" all in one sentence rather than break it up ("one nation..*pause* under god"). Something about the phrase not running smoothly. Funny stuff.

Monday, June 24, 2002

Judy In The Sky.. Sheptastic!

I'm all for making our work week only 4 days long. Long weekends could be a very good thing. This weekend wasn't bad. Matt and I took in "The Truth Isn't Out There" performed by the Bunbury Theatre Company. Funny stuff! It was written by a local lad, so that was a bonus. It also marked the first time we had attended a theatre production in Jamestown. We've been to concerts and the ballet, but never theatre. Local groups just rock. It made me think fondly of productions my friends have been in over the past years (Nuts, Memorandum, many one acts..).

Saturday night we did go on the walk around the Stow Farm with the Chautauqua Watershed Conservancy. It was a bit muddy, but the air was great. It had this musky, earthy, clean smell to it. Well, maybe not clean but you felt like you were in a good place. There was this amazing black willow tree that was at least a hundred years old. The trunk and limbs all twisted and knotted around each other. I wanted to climb it, but held in my inner child so other kids on the walk could climb up to see the view.

After the walk, Matt, Richard, and I went to Honest John's for some pizza and wings. The Saturday Night Oldies Style program was on Mix 93.3 and Richard started singing along with this ultra-poppy tune. When he got to the chorus he looked straight at me and sang, "Judy in the Sky.. Sheptastic!" We all burst into laughter. I thought it was funny that Richard would throw that in there even though he has never met Shep (although he has read his blog). I guess it rhymed ok with the song. Matt has taken to occassionally saying something is "sheptastic" instead of "fantastic." Weird stuff.

Some good news! My friend, Shannon, had a baby last Thursday. Johanna Louise weighed in at some 9lbs! All is well though considering that Shannon apparently started to hemmoragh after she delivered. Pretty scary, but Shannon didn't even know at the time since the doctors were busy stitching her up. Ew Gross. That stuff puts me off wanting to have kids. Ever. We'll see. I still have friends betting that I will get married and have up to four kids at least. Again... we'll see.

The computer should be back online either tomorrow or Wednesday. It depends on how soon it gets shipped back. I'm suffering from some serious withdrawal at home.

Friday, June 21, 2002

Happy First Day of Summer!

I nearly forgot that it's the longest day of the year. Unfortunately, I have to get up early tomorrow to read a proclamation at the American Heart Walk. In the meantime, plans for the first days of summer include a walk along Chautauqua Lake with the Watershed Conservancy, maybe taking in a play by The Bunbury Theatre Company, eating ice cream at Tastee Corners, and maybe a wee bit of gardening since the weeds I yanked out two weekends ago have creeped up again.

He Defined the Term "Meathead"

I went to a new fitness place yesterday to learn how to use their machines and where I should start in my workout program. The fitness place has a trainer, Justin, on hand to show you the proper way to control the equipment, how to fill in a sheet that keeps track of how many reps/weights/seat position/etc., and generally answer questions. The training was fine. After we finished the go-around, I headed off to use some piece of equipment that looked like a step-machine but had poles that moved your arms as if you were cross-country skiing (epileptic machine? something like that, but not in an epilepsy-kind of way). Justin called over as I walked away and the following conversation occured:

Justin: "Hey, what school did you go to?"
Me: "High School or College?"
Justin: "High school."
Me: "Irondequoit."
Justin: looks confused
Me: "It's in Rochester. I'm from Rochester."
Justin: "Oooh. Ok. I thought I went to school with you since you're last name is McLachlan."
Me: looking really confused "Huh? My last name is C****a."
Justin: "Well I saw the McLachlan on the back of your shirt and I went to school with.."
Me: interrupting "You mean Sarah McLachlan?? She's a singer."
Justin: "Oh is she? I went to school with someone with the same name and I thought that since her name was on your shirt that it was her."
Me: uncertain smile "Ah.. well.. ok. Yeah.. Sarah McLachlan is a singer. She's from Canada."
Justin: "Cool.. see ya."

Now, I don't usually judge a person by their music knowledge. Ok, who am I kidding? Of course I do! But usually I give a person some space to breathe if it's a band I know is not mainstream. Sarah McLachlan is fairly mainstream in my opinion. I mean, christ on a bike, her last album (studio produced as opposed to live) was even featured in the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal. Ew. I used to be a pretty big Sarah fan, but I didn't like the attitude that started to develop by the third (and so far last) Lillith Faire. Maybe I just got sick of radio playing all her stuff to death. Holy tangent batman! I think you get where I was going with all of this. Yeah.

Wednesday, June 19, 2002

Quick & Dirty Addition

I just coded back in a comments feature. It's not the prettiest, but it's something to keep y'all amused until my home computer is functional. In the meantime I will be blogging occassionally from work. Shhhh.

Lunch in Historic Westfield

I met up with Sean (from Rochester) for lunch in Westfield today. It was pretty awesome to have lunch with a high school friend out here. He was in town for an interview at the Westfield Middle School. With all the teacher retirements happening, I'm hoping that he and Anne (his girlfriend and an old friend of mine) find jobs easily. That would be nice for them. And although if Sean was offered and had to take the job here in Westfield it would suck since his family & Anne are in Rochester. I, selfishly of course, wouldn't mind since I'd love to have a friend move here. We'll see how it goes.

Tuesday, June 18, 2002

And It Dies Again!

We have to send our lovely computer back to Hewlett-Packard. It seems that when we sent it in April the maintenance guys might have forgotten to put a new hard drive in it afterall, thus re-installing our old hard drive with all the bad sectors on it. And here we thought they were just being nice by transferring all our old information. Guess they don't do that unless they have a special order to do that. Argh. So we will be computer-less for this week and perhaps the next. I will blog as often as I can! I'm especially disappointed since I joined a Sassy Sisterhood CD Swap that started this week. Without my computer to burn cds I can't swap :-(

Monday, June 17, 2002

How About a Trip to Orlando?

I found out this past Friday that I'm eligible to win an I Love Lucy contest Trip for 4 to Orlando, Florida. Some of you may recall that I won the 50th Anniversary watch last year, which surprised me to no end. This is slightly different than those junk mail/email/calls that you sometimes receive for "You have won a trip/money/small island off the coast of Brazil!" only because it is legitimate (originally sponsored by TV Land I believe). Anyway, I now have to wait for the paperwork to be mailed so I can fill out my eligibility forms. Funny stuff, eh?

Aren't You Julie??

Janine's graduation party was lots of fun. Awesome food! There was a clam bake (think 50 dozen steamed clams for the crowd), barbequed ribs and chicken from the Dinosaur BBQ, yummy cornbread, chocolates/chocolate dipped fruit from Encore Chocolate, salt potatoes, Aunt Karen's beans (mmmm), and corn on the cob. I wish I lived closer to Rochester because I could have steamed clams again today (they had about 30 dozen leftover). Oh well.

The surprise of the day came while looking through Janine's photo album her parents created for graduation. As I looked at a shot of her and some friends, a hand reaches out and a girl says, "There's me." Without looking up, and taking a sip of my Labatt beer, I ask, "Who else at this table (where I was standing) is in these pictures?" There was a slight pause and then the voice says, "Julie C****a? Are you Julie C****a?" I lift my head to look straight at Courtney. I babysat Courtney and her younger brother and sister through a good chunk of high school. She's graduating from high school this year. My mom says I looked like I went into shock. I guess I don't expect the kids I watched to ever grow up. I also felt like I was caught misbehaving, standing there with a beer in my hand. Guess that's one of the hazards of growing up.

Saturday, June 15, 2002

Through the Glass Door

My dad witnessed a robbery at the Credit Union he belongs to last night. It was after 5:30pm when he got to the bank on Hudson Avenue in the town of Irondequoit. As he walked to the door, an Asian man said, "No! Don't Go In There!" My dad thought the guy was a little nuts and kept walking to the door. He noticed things seemed odd and when he looked through the glass door he saw a guy jump over the desk to where the tellers work. He decided at that point to get the hell out of there and started walking towards the Chase-Pitkins Hardware store next door. He turned around and stood behind a pole to watch what happened next. Always on his toes, he managed to get the license plate numbers as two guys ran out of the bank and sped off. Naturally, he had to give info to the police when they showed up, but that was it. We found out this morning in the Local news briefs in the Democrat & Chronicle that the two guys robbing the bank had semi-automatic weapons. They still haven't been caught. I think that's enough excitement for one week!

Graduation of a "Sister"

Matt and I are in Rochester for Janine's high school graduation party. Janine, and her older brother Steven, were like my brother and sister growing up. Since I am an only child, they were nice substitutes. The kind of siblings you could send home or get away from if need be. I ended up babysitting them when I got older so it was even more like having siblings. They were and are good kids. Steven now produces the morning show on 98PXY in Rochester. I like to think he followed in my footsteps after I got involved in broadcasting. He even became music director at our high school radio station, WIRQ, like I had when I was a member. Janine is on her way to SUNY after graduation. I'm not sure which one, but I'll find out later today. It feels odd that they should be grown up now. But then again, we all have to get older. It's better than the alternative.

The View from Above

After September 11, a little memory stuck in the back of my mind about a trip to New York City my dad and I took when I was younger. My parents and I were staying at my Aunt Carol and Uncle Don's place somewhere north of the city. My mom and Aunt went shopping (or something), so my dad took me around the city. I had eaten my scrambled eggs too fast that morning and they decided to make a reappearance on my plate. My dad chalked it up to excitement. I don't remember much about our trip into the city other than eating lunch at some place that had really great hamburgers. It was a sit-down restaurant and the burgers were juicy and big. I really wanted to see the Empire State Building, but my dad decided to take me up to the top of the World Trade Center. This was the tower that was opposite the tower with the radio/tv tower on top. I was pretty confused about the buildings we were in, but thought it was really cool to be up so high. My dad took several pictures of the scenery from the top of the tower and then took a picture of me leaning against the railing, the city behind me. There's also a picture of the sphere that somehow survived the tower's collapse last year. And another of me walking along a fountain, looking out at my dad. I showed them to Matt, who said I should have them scanned. I think I might take them to Wegman's to have copies made. I wonder if my dad has the negatives somewhere. It would be quite a job to find them admist all the photographs and negatives my parents have accumulated over the past 30 years.

Friday, June 14, 2002

A Post-September 11 Must Read: It's Your Rights

I found this article via Wil who questioned whether this has been seen in any American news publication. I ask the same thing. One of more interesting parts of the article was the list of names of people who have signed the letter.

Wednesday, June 12, 2002


I act like I'm 20.
This test was brought to you by Liam - Serving you fresh farce daily. Take it here.

Well.. I may be living in the 60's (see previous post with quiz results) but apparently I'd rather be in college (well duh!). Age 20 wasn't a bad year. Met some pretty cool people (including dating one of them for about 3 years), went on two cool trips to Windsor, ONT, had my first experience at getting drunk (Wooo!!), and generally had a lot of fun.

A Lesson on How to Really Trash the White House

Go here for a great laugh and an update on vandalism of the White House just prior to George W's move in.

Take the Subway Down I-86

Driving to work today I passed two oversize load vehicles carrying subway cars. It was quite a site to see these cars being carried down Interstate-86. It was almost as if the subway cars had broken away from their tracks and went on their own commute across New York state. I'm not sure if the cars were from New York City since the only identifier on the one car was "#3138, Not In Service."

Tuesday, June 11, 2002

Must De-Stress

I'm absolutely full to the brim with stress. Probably talking about it on here doesn't help, but at least it's better than thinking about work. I have so much work this week and next. Nothing like working on at least 7 press releases at once. Now, that might not seem like much, but when you take into account that it means bugging at least 7 people for information for the release, having those at least 7 people fact/quote check the release once I finally can write, getting approval for the 7 releases from 3 people at least 7 times, and then finally sending out the releases to the media.. well, that's a lot of time and work. On top of that, the house is a disaster. The kitchen is at least. I already guilt-tripped Matt about that. It's his responsibility and we've ran out of clean juice glasses, bowls, and little plates (not counting butter knives).

Trip Planning

The reservations are made for our two trips to Cleveland in July. The first trip is to see our friends, Christa & Stewart, who will be traveling from Toronto to Cleveland to visit relatives. The second trip is to see the Infinity Group play at the Rock Hall. Of course both trips will be a great opportunity to see Heidi. Sure it means lots of traveling through the month of July, but that's ok if I get to see friends.

Monday, June 10, 2002

The Forward Approach

The funniest moment of the day happened in the meeting I just came from. We have our weekly Administrative Services team meeting in the former County Clerk's office across the street from the current county office buildings. It's a small brick structure that has a cafe on one side and a computer lab/conference room on the other. Since it's older, we like to open the windows to get a breeze during the warmer weather. Unfortunately, this lets in the noise of traffic and kids getting out of school. However, this was a small bonus today. There's nothing like being in the middle of a serious work-related conversation and some teenage boy yelling "Hey (insert girl's name)! Will you have sex with me??" The whole group burst into laughter. Not a huge moment, but probably one of the best for today.

Gardening At Night

I've been steadily de-weeding the overgrown gardens around the house. I keep finding more little plots that need to be worked on. The end results (aside from a much neater appearance of our yard) are aching legs from squatting, a sunburn that's now peeling on my arms/neck/scalp, and nicks and scratches from getting stuck by prickly things. Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with how the garden looks. We need to get a new trellis for our overgrown (even after pruning) climbing rose bush. Someone stole our last one. I would also like to get a few more plants since I have quite a few bare spots where I weeded and discovered there were no plants growing there to begin with. Just weeds. Does anyone have suggestions on sun-loving flowers/plants I can put in my bare spots?

Blogging and Journalism

I'd like to sit in on this college class about blogging out of mere curiosity. However, I tend to agree with Sean Kirby, author of the Daily Pundit, who said in the above linked article, "Teaching of blogging in journalism school signals an end of an era, a movement from blogging being separate from the old media, to it being appropriated by the media establishment."

This blog tends to be a more informal update on my daily happenings, but I do like to get a little serious at times. I will be soon adding to my links on the left the serious blogs I've been reading lately. It's amazing how much we miss in the popular media. There is such a load of information out there that I believe many things are happening under our noses that would appall us. Not that I'm saying there's a mass conspiracy, I just think there's an overabundance of information that the popular media has trouble sorting into a level of importance or relevancy.

Thursday, June 06, 2002

Honey, They're Playing Our Song

Matt and I actually had to discuss what "our song" was at one point. We realized that we had several, very different songs that could count as "ours." Ready for the run down?

Len - Steal My Sunshine
Def Leppard - Animal
U2 - Beautiful Day

Ok, now the explanation (at Matt's pleading):

"Steal My Sunshine" came out when Matt and I started hanging out (just friends at this point). It was catchy and hadn't been obliterated by top 40 radio yet, so we dug it. Incidentally, we both heard it for the first time at the same time, but in different cities. I was in Rochester and he was here in Jamestown. I came home from my trip and said, "Hey, I heard this great song!" and Matt said, "Me too!" And truth be known, it was this song. Also, Matt had called me Sunshine a couple of times before this song came out and the name stuck (mostly now because I'm anything but sunny when I wake up).

"Animal" comes from hanging out at a little dive bar called Yesterday's in the village of Lakewood. Matt and I were there with some friends of his from high school. This song came on the karaoke machine in between performances and we all, for lack of better explanation, started rocking out. It was like finding a soul mate. Someone else who wasn't afraid to say that Def Leppard was one kick ass band. It's a pretty cool song too.

"Beautiful Day": We both like U2 and were really anticipating this album and at the same time were pretty apprehensive about it given what a flop "Pop" was. So when we heard this song it was a huge relief and excitement. Somewhere in there we had started talking about the potential "big day" for us and that this song would really fit in with that kind of event *ahem* Of course no new developments there *rolls eyes* Matt is taking his time getting around to that life committment stuff *grins*

Which era in time are you?

Well.. that's cool.. that would make me about 16 years older than I actually am. Come to think of it.. most of the people I work with are at least 16 years older than me. Guess that makes sense.
The Latest on Re-districting in NYS

Here are some local links to stories on the approved redistricting plan:

  • The Jamestown Post-Journal Note: the map featured is incorrect
  • The Buffalo News This gives a better picture of who is benefiting from the plan pushed by the Governor and the Vice-President (note, I had it wrong in my last post)
  • Rochester Democrat & Chronicle The following quote from the story says it all: "This is the worst screwing we have ever gotten from the state Legislature, and we've gotten a few lately," said Mayor William A. Johnson Jr. about the plan approved Wednesday.
  • New York State Wired Offers links to online papers around the state.

Wednesday, June 05, 2002

More Blood

Oh yeah. I forgot to mention that I donated blood yesterday. It wasn't bad. Had a funny moment when the nurse prepping me looked at my information sheet and said, "Oh, you don't work at the radio station anymore? How long have you been gone?" When I told her it had been over a year she responded, "Oh. Where have I been!" Stuff like that catches me off guard sometimes. But back to donating blood. It's kind of fascinating to watch the stuff that sustains your life flowing through tubes. It always surprises me at how fast it fills up the tubes they use for testing. Weird stuff.

Redistricting Shenanigans

For today at least, Chautauqua County will be part of the same Congressional district as Erie County. Go here see a map of District 27, which is part of the new plan approved by the New York State Legislature today. What this means is that Chautauqua County, a rural county, will be separated from other rural counties like Cattaraugus, Allegany and Chemung, and instead grouped with Erie County, which will dominate the district's politics due to having the large city of Buffalo.

How does this happen? It's called politics. Representative Tom Reynolds did not want to face an election against Representative John LaFalce, so Vice President Dick Cheney and one of his cronies basically tell Governor Pataki and the Legislature what to do. Oh, and it's noteworthy that Cheney would like to see Reynolds become House Speaker when current Speaker Dennis Hastert retires. I would provide a news link, but I'm having trouble finding the story that appeared in today's Post-Journal. It'll be all over tomorrow's papers/radio/tv stations anyway.

The Flash and Crash of the Seasons

Not very many people slept fitfully last night in Chautauqua County. Several thunderstorms rumbled through the area, illuminating countless bedrooms, rousing people from their sleep. I managed to sleep better than some, but even I got up and toddled down the hall to get a glass of water in the midst of it. The lightning was quite impressive. Lots of forks, bolts, and huge flashes that lit up the sky.

Blood and Gore in the Morning

For some reason, people are talking about all sorts of icky things today. My morning chit chat with our Senior Aide consisted of her telling me all about her granddaughter getting her thumb slammed into a doorway by a table she was carrying. That evolved into another story about how the same granddaughter broke her leg, but walked on it for a couple days. Then I went down the hallway to the Legislative offices where the aides were talking about female issues "down there." This included a procedure where an agio-plasty like balloon is inserted and then filled with saline solution that's heated to 180 degrees. Apparently this burns the walls of the uterus and helps certain conditions. Aren't you glad you just ate lunch after reading that?

Camping at the Biker's Club

Matt and I attended a Stag/Stagette party this past Saturday for friends of ours. It was more of a fundraiser with beer and a band. Weddings are so expensive and the friends of the bride and groom decided it would be cool to throw a party to raise money so the couple could have more fun on their honeymoon. We had a good time. Ended up camping overnight at the Biker's club (where the party was at) in a tent. I hadn't done that since my senior year in high school. Fun stuff other than constantly being awoken by party-goers muttering in drunken states. Incidentally, the Biker's club was pretty nice. Those bikers are very particular about their lawn, so we had a nice swath of green grass to put our tent on.

Saturday, June 01, 2002

Treating Our Teenagers Like Babies

I don't usually pay attention to anything Fox News has to say, but this article on how we infantilized teenagers by Glenn Reynolds made sense. I could see this happening when I was in high school. Fortunately, my parents did have expectations that I would behave like an adult. Well, maybe it was that "iron fist" in an attempt to keep me innocent, but not unruly. But it used to truly irritate me at the lack of respect and maturity that some of my classmates above and below me exhibited. At times it was amusing, but for the most part irritating.

Bright and Early on a Saturday Morning

I did another one of my sleep-after-dinner-until-morning tricks again. That is, I had dinner, checked my email, and laid down for a little nap. I then proceeded to fall asleep for most of the night, only waking up to visit the W.C. I'm convinced my body hates me.

Relay For Life

At noon I have to go over to Washington Middle School (a few blocks from my house) to read a proclamation for the Relay for Life day. This is a benefit for cancer research that also recognizes the survivors. Last year I showed up in a suit to read the proclamation. This year I know better. Shorts and a t-shirt it is! Matt is supposed to go too and read a proclamation as well, but he's moving real slow at the moment. He was also supposed to go help with the set-up of a playground this morning, but since he went out last night, I doubt that's going to happen. Yeah, he doesn't fool me when he says stuff like "My allergies are killing me" right after staying out all night last night.

I just noticed my keyboard is all icky. It looks like someone cooked eggs for himself and got some of them on the keys. Eww.

I Am Spiderman

Saw that awesome movie on Thursday. Spiderman was easily better than both the pre-quels for Star Wars put together! I still can't get the thought of Kristen Dunst as Claudia in Interview With A Vampire out of my head. And question, what's this thing with nipples in everything lately? Example: the rain scene right after M-J nearly gets her butt kicked and then gets to kiss Spiderman. Second Example: whatever scene that was in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones where Natalie Portman is sporting some nipple-age in that white outfit. Plus any other tv show/movie lately. Why aren't women wearing bras anymore? Don't they know that if you don't wear a bra now that you'll sag by the time you hit your 40's??? Think, People, Think!

Away, Away

We're on a mini-vaca in an area where they're experiencing forest fires (thanks asshole arsonist). It's an area that makes Clift...