Friday, June 28, 2002

It's In the Mail

The word is that our computer should arrive today. Matt checked our tracking number and it was on its way to Jamestown. I'll be pretty happy about that since I've received two cds from the Sassy Sisterhood CD Swap and I feel lame for not being able to send mine out yet. I just hope my selections of female artists are as fun to listen to as the cds I've received. Incidentally, can anyone comment on a good cd burning program? I've used the one that's bundled with RealOne Player, but would like to upgrade so there's not this 2 seconds of "dead air" between songs and the songs are all equalized so that you don't go from a low recording to a high recording, thus blasting your ears out. I'm not real technologically savvy but I can work my way around stuff. Comments? Anyone? Anyone?

Don't Eat the Fat Free!

Just a kind word of advice. The fat free Friendship Nonfat Cottage Cheese tastes nothing like cottage cheese aside from the texture. I'd liken the taste to the stick of a pudding pop. It tastes woody. Ick.

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