Monday, June 24, 2002

Judy In The Sky.. Sheptastic!

I'm all for making our work week only 4 days long. Long weekends could be a very good thing. This weekend wasn't bad. Matt and I took in "The Truth Isn't Out There" performed by the Bunbury Theatre Company. Funny stuff! It was written by a local lad, so that was a bonus. It also marked the first time we had attended a theatre production in Jamestown. We've been to concerts and the ballet, but never theatre. Local groups just rock. It made me think fondly of productions my friends have been in over the past years (Nuts, Memorandum, many one acts..).

Saturday night we did go on the walk around the Stow Farm with the Chautauqua Watershed Conservancy. It was a bit muddy, but the air was great. It had this musky, earthy, clean smell to it. Well, maybe not clean but you felt like you were in a good place. There was this amazing black willow tree that was at least a hundred years old. The trunk and limbs all twisted and knotted around each other. I wanted to climb it, but held in my inner child so other kids on the walk could climb up to see the view.

After the walk, Matt, Richard, and I went to Honest John's for some pizza and wings. The Saturday Night Oldies Style program was on Mix 93.3 and Richard started singing along with this ultra-poppy tune. When he got to the chorus he looked straight at me and sang, "Judy in the Sky.. Sheptastic!" We all burst into laughter. I thought it was funny that Richard would throw that in there even though he has never met Shep (although he has read his blog). I guess it rhymed ok with the song. Matt has taken to occassionally saying something is "sheptastic" instead of "fantastic." Weird stuff.

Some good news! My friend, Shannon, had a baby last Thursday. Johanna Louise weighed in at some 9lbs! All is well though considering that Shannon apparently started to hemmoragh after she delivered. Pretty scary, but Shannon didn't even know at the time since the doctors were busy stitching her up. Ew Gross. That stuff puts me off wanting to have kids. Ever. We'll see. I still have friends betting that I will get married and have up to four kids at least. Again... we'll see.

The computer should be back online either tomorrow or Wednesday. It depends on how soon it gets shipped back. I'm suffering from some serious withdrawal at home.

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