Monday, June 10, 2002

The Forward Approach

The funniest moment of the day happened in the meeting I just came from. We have our weekly Administrative Services team meeting in the former County Clerk's office across the street from the current county office buildings. It's a small brick structure that has a cafe on one side and a computer lab/conference room on the other. Since it's older, we like to open the windows to get a breeze during the warmer weather. Unfortunately, this lets in the noise of traffic and kids getting out of school. However, this was a small bonus today. There's nothing like being in the middle of a serious work-related conversation and some teenage boy yelling "Hey (insert girl's name)! Will you have sex with me??" The whole group burst into laughter. Not a huge moment, but probably one of the best for today.

Gardening At Night

I've been steadily de-weeding the overgrown gardens around the house. I keep finding more little plots that need to be worked on. The end results (aside from a much neater appearance of our yard) are aching legs from squatting, a sunburn that's now peeling on my arms/neck/scalp, and nicks and scratches from getting stuck by prickly things. Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with how the garden looks. We need to get a new trellis for our overgrown (even after pruning) climbing rose bush. Someone stole our last one. I would also like to get a few more plants since I have quite a few bare spots where I weeded and discovered there were no plants growing there to begin with. Just weeds. Does anyone have suggestions on sun-loving flowers/plants I can put in my bare spots?

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